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Cafe Michael2 (Finale Revisit)

January 14, 2013

204 Rundle Street
Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8223 3519
Open for Lunch Weekdays and Dinner everyday

It’s finally done, finished, complete, game over … but what a journey it’s been. 47 restaurants from the good, to the bad to the ugly. Stir-fry’s as colourful as a rainbow and curries as hot as the sun. Tonight we celebrate the overall winner of Chow’s Thai Review at Cafe Michael2, one which we reviewed rather early on in the piece but still maintains itself as one of the best authentic Thai restaurants in Adelaide (pictured here is the junior manager accepting the coveted award). Just pipping out one of our very favourite restaurants Tongue Thai’d by just 1/2 a mark, the scores at the end of the day are all that counts but a big congrats to the second placer! Thanks to all for following me on my third food adventure, especially those who have made it to almost every single event … oh, and of course those who have been following me through this blog! So sadly, it’s time to move onto the final writeup…




Red Duck Curry Red Duck Curry - Grand Finale Cafe Michael2

First off, a big thanks from everyone who has made it to any one of my reviews putting in a great effort to make it week in and week out (… well, in some cases month in and month out depending on what my schedule was like!). Big thanks especially to those who have become the core “Thai Team” group of people who made the most number of appearances over the few years. It has certainly been a long journey (we’ve shared two Christmas’ together!) reminding me a little of the Journey to the West (aka Monkey Magic for those who remember watching RAGE on early Saturday/Sunday mornings on ABC) and although lengthy it has always been an excellent adventure, picking up something different and new each and every night. One of the most exciting aspects of organising a comprehensive review is that you never know what you’ll get on any level each week … we’ve had good food with poor service, poor value with great food and just downright disappointing for all categories.

Tonight I was served up a delicious Red Duck Curry, with plenty of hunger busting seafood and of course, top quality flavours with their signature red curry paste. As you can see, plenty of greenery in there as well and there was quite a nice selection. Nothing much more I can say apart from being another taste sensation with lashings of flavour like basil, garlic, ginger and creamy coconut goodness.  Prices here are what you’d expect for a good meal in the CBD, however the serving size was quite generous so there’s plenty to share around (highly recommended so you and your mates can try a bit of everything!). How does it fare from since we reviewed this the first time? Pretty much how we left off … speedy service, great food and decor to match. Winning high marks in all categories was really the key to getting the podium!

Thinking back across the years, it’s all been a ball but I’ve got a couple of memorable moments to share with you that I think will stick with me forever. Our sour review with Duthy Thai was definitely an eye opener which was our first low scoring review. What actually made it memorable were the comments posted on my review page (some suspect he works for Duthy), which again is always good to see other people passionate about their food and standing up for what they believe is their best restaurant. Each to their own and it would be a dull world without characters like that, but that’s the good thing about reviewing food … you just tell ’em how it is. On a positive note and my second highlight, we were lucky enough to visit one of our favourite restaurants in SA at Tongue Thai’d and was a joy to see my friends enjoying one of the best Thai style dishes I’ve ever had (Pichai’s amazing Tongue Thai’d Eggplant). If you haven’t tried it, you must … in fact I went there recently and they told me they go through over 100kg’s of eggplant a week (at least one ute load!) and that almost every table will order it. Pichai (one of the restaurant owners) also mentioned to me that other Thai restaurants have actually come in to taste and steal/copy their recipe! For shame … but that just proves how good it is! 

So it’s Thai-m to let this ship sail and although there are no other reviews on the cards in the near future, I’m sure the “review bug” will bite again and who knows … I’ll be back reviewing something awesome for you all to follow once again.

Thanks to all and may your hungers be Thai-d over and your meals be en-Thai-cing! … ขอให้เจริญอาหาร! (koh hai cha-roen ar-harn … Bon Apetit!)