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Suree’s Thai Kitchen

August 3, 2009

Suree's Thai Kitchen

330 Unley Rd
Hyde Park SA 5061‎
(08) 8373 1133‎
Open 7 Days for Dinner,  Fridays for Lunch
Have a look at their menu

Our maiden voyage into the open Thai seas, complete with a 18 crew on board and a hunger of twice that.  Suree’s Thai Kitchen has an interesting story behind the founding, where Suree came over from Thailand to meet Peter, who was an architecture student at the time, and also of Thai background.  Peter setup the Bangkok Thai restaurant first in Rundle St before opening up this venue in honour of his wife who is also the head chef.  Mouthwatering homestyle cooking at good value prices is what I’m looking forwards to … so enough of the chat, a few of us are getting hungry so let’s eat!

Final Score: 7.15/10


Suree's Haw Mok Seafood


Haw Mok Seafood (Medium Hot)

So, as explained in my Thai review introduction, I would not be choosing my meals for the season. Instead, I will be letting each restaurant reccomend their best or signature dish which I guess gives them the best possible opportunity to shine.

Today’s Haw Mok seafood was one of two specialty dishes listed on their menu, and the waiter did not hesitate in giving me the more expensive one. Contained in a foil takeaway container with foil was a culinary delight of seafood in thai red curry. Prawns, scallops mussels and squid were all tender and juicy and there were notes of the shredded kaffir lime leaves in the mix too. Excellent taste in the curry sauce, full of aroma, but may have been a tad salty, otherwise enjoyable.

Don’t come in expecting a flash hotel-like setting, but layout and tables were neat and tidy. Thai and other east-asian ornaments were tastefully placed here and there. Speed of service here was quite acceptable, with constant attention from courteous waiters, so no dramas there. The bill was not too bad, but I think that the rice was overpriced for the amounts that we received. Being a seafood dish, it was not a surprise to be paying a higher price either but I’ve had better.

  • Service [7.9/10] : Good effort, friendly and courteous,  even calling me by my first name!
  • Quality [7.3/10] : Great tasting with good texture, but was a bit like cheap marinara mix.
  • Venue [7.4/10] : Not classy but clean and neat, very family friendly, no complaints.
  • Value [7.0/10] : My meal was a bit overpriced for the size, rice was expensive!


Suree's Penang Beef Curry

Penang Beef Curry (Brad’s Guest Review)

Suree’s Thai Kitchen made for the perfect start to the third season of reviews. A medium-sized eatery with clean, neutral colours and well spaced chairs. I struggled initially to adapt to the Thai menu and accidentally ordered a curry, though the Penang Beef was a particularly good choice. It came with bean shoots and extremely large serves of beef still tender enough to break apart with a spoon. The blend of spices was hot and not sweet, but strong with ginger and friendliness and the size was enough to thai’d me over ’til breakfast.

  • Service [6.6/10] : Handled a large group well. Nothing exceptional, but my meal came out pretty much first.
  • Quality [8.0/10] : Tender meat, excellent sauce. Average vegetables. Authentic beer.
  • Venue [6.0/10] : Appropriately lit, gold-bamboo cutlery. Bus stop right out the front.
  • Value [7.0/10] : Meal good value, exceptional meat:vegetable ratio. $7 beer.


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