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Phuket Thai

August 21, 2009

Phuket Thai Week 2

162 Jetty Rd
Glenelg SA 5045
(08) 8295 1903
Open 7 Days for Dinner,  Wed-Fri for Lunch

Second week in and the Thai review crew are still hungry! This time we’re visiting Phuket Thai, a widely recommended restaurant and also a fairly well known name around the Glenelg area. In saying that, there are a few Thai places on Jetty road itself, so I’m looking forwards to comparing them all. After doing some searching around the internet at other reviews, there was a consistent liking towards their Red Beef Curry, some even stating it was the best in Adelaide … well, whatever they are famous for let’s see how they are going to impress us!

Final Score: 6.0875/10



Beef with Fresh Peppercorn (Hot)Beef with Fresh Peppercorn

As per my promise to not be biased in choosing my meal, the waitress recommended me something that was on the chef’s special menu which was not inside the main menu book. From face value, it doesn’t seem to be a very authentic Thai dish, but as I soon found out I was quite wrong!

I’m a fan of pepper, and I love the black cracked variety, but I had never had it fresh before. The first thing you notice is the number of green peppercorn balls that exist throughout the juicy slices of beef and various vegetables. They actually cook the green peppercorns still attached to the stem, which reminded me much like a small bunch of grapes. There was a big presence of chili and coriander, and had a good fusion of salty and sweet which upon first taste was like a rainbow bursting in your mouth. The beef was sliced thinly enough to remain juicy and tender, and the ratio of meat to vegetables was highly acceptable. I don’t think it rates as being “hot” as they suggest … perhaps if you ate all the peppercorns in one mouthful!

Service is something that can enhance or ruin a night. Unfortunately it was a bit of a struggle. We were seated upstairs by ourselves with about 10 empty tables. Downstairs was bustling and the customers were getting a lot of attention, but because we were in our own little world we didn’t get much love. I even had to go downstairs after waiting 30 minutes to get a waiter to come upstairs and take our order. Sure they were friendly, but when you wait so long that you’re not hungry anymore it becomes a worry. The table setting was average, sporting old school-style chairs, and the decor and ornaments were nothing to talk about. Overall, come here only for the food. I’m sure takeaway will be great.

  • Service [5.1/10] : Harsh but deserved I think, I felt we were rather neglected.
  • Quality [9.1/10] : My mouth waters as I remember the full flavours, highly reccomended!
  • Venue [6.0/10] : Some of the ceiling lights had blown too, not something to remember by.
  • Value [6.5/10] : Fairly large serving but still overpriced. Takeaway would be good value.


Penang Beef CurryNeau Phud Prig Macarm (Brad’s Guest Review)

Phuket Thai in Glenelg faces an under-renovation cinema complex on Jetty Road. The mottled interior of the restaurant¬† makes me think that Phuket Thai should follow the same example. There’s no spark to the environment nor imagination. Even the cutlery seemed ripped off from last week’s review at Suree’s Thai kitchen. The meals here were similar despite the excellent¬† attention from the wait staff.

If you are in Glenelg and thinking of eating Thai, I’d say Phuket.

  • Service [9.0/10] : Zero complaints, seeing a waitress had no reservation in replacing a menu item with a stir fry for a person on a low-carb diet (my only complaint is their inability to understand my attempts at pronouncing the menu).
  • Quality [5.0/10] : The vegetables on my plate didn’t look proud to be there.
  • Venue [5.0/10] : Boring, but close to Chalkers pool hall which meant after the meal I could chance-Macarm at pool.
  • Value [3.0/10] : Markups for being near the beach … blergh.


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