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Tiger Lilly Cafe

August 28, 2009

Tiger Lilly Cafe116 Melbourne St
North Adelaide SA 5006
(08) 82671237

Open Mon-Sat for Dinner,  Mon-Fri for Lunch

Another week, another Thai review! This time at Tiger Lilly Cafe, and I’m not too sure whether it is a mistake having two letter L’s in the name, but that’s not what I’m here to review! A small plain shopfront certainly isn’t the greatest of greetings, but that always means the food is going to be terrific doesn’t it? The best foods usually are a surprise, being cooked out of a small home-style kitchenette with real heart and soul. I’m hoping tonight’s meal is going to be a winner!

Final Score: 8.2/10



Beef Satay Sauce Stir FryBeef Satay Sauce Stir Fry

We were greeted by the only waitress working in the place who was really cheerful, and even though her English wasn’t the greatest, it was her manner and friendliness that started the night off on a good note. There were only about 12 of us tonight, and we were the only ones in the restaurant! That’s not a great sign, especially on a Friday night after work!

The waitress kindly recommended two chef’s specials (well, she recommended what she thought the chef cooks the best) and finally pushed the decision to the Beef Satay Sauce Stir Fry. It was a great success! The sauce was not a typical peanut satay. I mean it certainly looked and had the same texture, but it was more like a red curry hybrid with extra coconut milk, very enjoyable! Sweet, savoury and quite a bit of chili hotness coming through the palate afterwards created a fun and tasty dish. There was quite a bit of crushed peanut mixed throughout which completed the satay experience. The beef itself was very tender, and there was just enough vegetables for your average meal intake and was not overcooked either (the vegetables were cooked but still firm). This reminded me of how my mum would cook a stirfry, and that’s saying a lot!

The price was very reasonable, and in addition we had a couple of Entertainment Book vouchers (yes, if you do come here in future you can use up to three coupons!) which made the bill even cheaper. I wouldn’t have minded paying full price though. In fact if other top restaurants served this quality meal and had the same friendly diligent service I wouldn’t complain about their inflated prices either.

  • Service [7.8/10] : Friendly, cheerful one-lady show on the floor, very good effort.
  • Quality [9.0/10] : Better than your typical peanut satay, in fact perhaps a whole new taste!
  • Venue [7.2/10] : A little bit plain, but nice and tidy on the inside, no complaints.
  • Value [8.8/10] : Large serving, rice wasn’t expensive, and well worth it for the taste!



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