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Duthy Thai

October 19, 2009


Duthy Thai Week819-21 Duthy St
Malvern SA 5061
(08) 8272 0465
Open Tue-Sat for Dinner,  Tue-Fri for Lunch

Duthy Thai, obviously named for being on Duthy Street, is a quaint little cottage style restaurant (kind of looks like a house converted into a restaurant). I’ve read that the locals love this place, but I’ve heard both good things and bad things from friends so it will be interesting to see just who is right! Onwards!

Final Score: 3.6/10



Crunchy BeefCrunchy Beef Duthy Thai

The first thing you’ll notice is that Duthy Thai has a bright neon sign in their front window so there’s no mistaking this is where you’re supposed to be. There is also a chicken and chip shop next door called Funky Chicken, which although unrelated I thought was a pretty cool name. I couldn’t confirm with the staff the day before that I was missing 4 people from the booking because their phone lines were busy, but they were fine with that and shifted some tables around to free up another separate table. Unfortunately this left our table a little bit too small for 10 people, but we made do.

The decor inside is what I might call ‘homestyle’ because it was just like eating in someone’s living room. There were some elephant pictures on the wall with some rather gaudy floor-to-ceiling mirrors which I think didn’t really suit. They were large and cluttered on the walls, where some white-space in between each item would have been an improvement. That’s pretty much all I can comment about the venue, and if you like cream and pink paint then this is the place for you … I didn’t think it looked nice to be honest, but maybe it was the style they were aiming for. Prices here are very high, over $20 for most regular mains so be prepared to lighten your wallet.

Life is always full of ups and downs, and service tonight was more on the down side. It started off reasonably well, with orders taken fairly quickly after the late comers finally arrived. The waitress had good knowledge of what was the best out of the kitchen, and recommended quite a few dishes before selecting the Crunchy Beef for me (I noticed on the menu they had an interesting dish called Stuffed Wings, which were de-boned chicken wings stuffed with vegies and chicken … kind of hard to do when chicken wings are so small already!). Drinks were swished out quickly too, so all things were going smoothly … and about 10 minutes later Byron got his meal!  This was the fastest I’ve ever seen a meal come out and we were all impressed. Unfortunately this is where the good service ended.

It’s always been common courtesy on a restaurant’s behalf to bring out all the meals at once so that the diners aren’t left sitting awkwardly staring and waiting whilst some people’s food iced over cold … and when this happens to you, you don’t care about how good the order-taking was, because you just want your meal like everyone else has already got! 20 minutes after Byron’s, another 7 meals came out … and  I don’t know if the orders were lost or if the waitress just forgot to bring them out, but the last two meals came out just over half an hour after the other eight were served, only after we asked what was going on. You would think that the waitress (who came by to check on our drinks) would notice two meals were missing, and that none of us had started eating yet. It wasn’t me who got the late meal, but as we did the polite thing and waited, all our meals cooled down. Definitely not impressed, and this impacted on the food side of this review as well …

So onto the food … well, it’s going to be tricky. I can only imagine what my meal would have tasted like when fresh and hot from the kitchen. Instead I can only review on what I actually ate, which was like a cold handful of what tasted like BBQ pork spare ribs from a Chinese restaurant, and I should know because it’s a favourite of mine when I go out to dinner with my family. Topped off with some hard cold rice just made this meal go down a treat. Putting the coldness aside, the sauce was tasty but I can’t say it was Thai. Just go to the supermarket and buy a jar of Chinese BBQ marinade sauce and compare it for yourself. But, since I was hungry, it did taste good, but I can’t let my emotions (stomach) sway me when setting my scores! I have to give them a point for making it crunchy though, but that’s not hard when you deep fry inch-sized slivers of battered beef. Now that I think about it, the guys in the kitchen were speaking Chinese Mandarin, so it all makes sense now.

I like food and I will eat almost anything. I will admit that. I’m willing to try new and exciting flavours from any part of the world. What I don’t like is complaining about food or wasting it. Reviewing a restaurant encompasses many aspects, and if the slow service affects my food quality indirectly, then so be it. I think many other people in my situation would have complained to the manager, but I think my review is my own little way of getting the message across. Overall, come here for takeaway, and I apologise to the locals who think this place is great, but I personally won’t be coming back here again. Harsh? I think deserved. You might have a better experience, and I wish you luck.


  • Service [2.3/10] : Points for the initial service, otherwise very disappointing.
  • Quality [4.2/10] : May have been nice hot, but I am giving it for what it was.
  • Venue [5.1/10] : Neat and pink, I can’t give many points really.
  • Value [2.8/10] : Even with Entertainment Card discount, I think it’s not worth it.




On the strip of upper-middle class eateries that line Norwood’s Parade is Danny’s Thai bistro. Inside the atmosphere is a blend of Thai wall decorations and the contemporary, uncovered air conditioning in the roof, which is enhanced by downlights. It kind of felt like I was eating at a Harbour Town. The two most notable factors of this meal were service and quality. I ordered a traditional Kangaroo Red Curry and with centuries of experience the kitchen produced a great meal. Not exceptional, but tasty enough to want to eat again. The service was terrible, despite the restaurant only being 80% full. Trying to get a server’s attention moved from eye-contact to raising a hand to waving two arms at them as they walked past as they stared at you bewilderedly. Also they announced the meals as they arrived with pronunciation like a Brad at a Phuket Thai. At least they had the foothai on.
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  1. Brad (not the guest reviewer) permalink
    October 19, 2009 3:23 am

    In relation to the review of Duthy Thai Restaurant, you obviously have no idea of what you are talking about. The food there is amazing, i have been eating there for many years, and compared to alot of the other restaurants around, their prices are pretty good in comparison to the high quality of the food.

    I am unsure whether or not you can actually see past your own ego’s, or think you are something you are not, but to give such a restaurant a rating like 3/10 is just wrong.

    I can appreciate you are only doing what you think is right, but who are you? a nobody like me, but at least i have the courtesy to write something good about such a great restaurant like Duthy Thai.

    When i go out to eat i am looking for a couple of things – Good food, good atmosphere and good service, and without sounding full of myself like you obviously are, EVERY time i go there that is exactly what i receive.

    The reason i travel so far out of my way is because the food is outstanding, it is a locally owned restaurant, the owner and the staff are very nice people, its not some corporate owned restaurant where you receive fast food like foood, its a proper fine dining restaurant, which has earned itself a really good name over the past 20 years of being open, and i’m sure will continue to do so, despite the negative bashings it has received by you and your friends.

    Would you like my ratings? Too bad, here they are

    Food – 10/10
    Service – 9/10
    Decor – 7/10 (Does it really matter if you enjoy yourself and the food?)
    Price – 8/10

    Would i ever go back? – Definitely, as often as i can, its the best Thai food i have ever had, and i’ve tried alot of different restaurants.

    To end my review, dont listen to CHOW’s ADELAIDE THAI REVIEW, they have no idea and are obviously only wanting to make their own heads big.

    Try Duthy Thai for yourself, make up your own mind.

    Thank you.


  2. Chow permalink*
    October 19, 2009 4:02 am

    Ah, the joys of freedom of speech … a great review Brad, and I appreciate a review to contrast my own experience. I respect that you’ve experienced perfect food and service from there each and every time and for those readers out there – it’s clear that this place does appeal to some. I personally wouldn’t return – and that’s just me. Full stop … so yes, please try it for yourself! I’m not stopping you.

    FYI guys, I don’t go out to intentially bash a restaurant, and if you read my other reviews, I am totally honest and open minded with my opinions whether they be good or bad. To be unbiased is the key to being a good food critic – you take it as it comes. Just like Brad above, if I were to read a poor review of my favourite restaurant I might also think how “big their heads are”, but if it were clearly described and explained then I would totally understand, and I would keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions. As they always say, don’t shoot the messenger.

    For those readers out there – would you recommend a mechanic who has taken three days to change your oil? Would you recommend an electrical store who overcharged you for a new microwave on your first visit … you know the rest, I just tell it how it is.

    Honestly, it makes me smile to see people defend their favourite foods.

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