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Star of Siam

November 30, 2009

67 Gouger St
Adelaide SA 5000

(08) 8231 3527

Open Mon-Sat for Dinner,  Mon-Fri for Lunch

Our first Gouger St review and will be just one of many along this street of culinary delights! It was a bit hectic as the street was closed for a special Classic Adelaide Rally street party which I didn’t know was on. As with most restaruants on Gouger St, Friday nights are always bustling and packed with market goers wanting a bite to eat, so let’s see how the Star of Siam holds up in the heat!

Final Score: 8.95/10



Red Duck Curry

The Star of Siam has been a popular place on Gouger St for a very long time, and I have always wanted to go there. Lots of people have told me it has the best drunken noodles and do a great red curry, so I was looking forwards to some tasty treats for sure! There are at least three other Thai places within 100 metres too so competition for the best on the street should be lively, but being a Friday night I’m sure that they all have no problems getting business. Tonight I was joined by a couple of friends who eat here so often that the owners and waiters know them on a first name basis, and assured me that the Star of Siam was the absolute best!

It was a Friday night and there were a zillion people around from the Adelaide Classic Rally event trying to find food at the same time, so the speed and attention of food and service could be expected to be rather slow. I was greeted by the manager who already knew who I was, and I found out she had assigned us a waitress to look after our table (and probably 5 other tabels as well!). Once everyone arrived, drinks orders were requested very quickly and our food orders were made not long after.

I also made a special effort to keep an eye out on the level of service at our neighbouring tables to see how the wait-staff would cope with being so busy … and I was pleasantly surprised! From what I could see the level of service and attention was just a good as any other regular night, and food was brought out at a reasonable pace. There were at least 8 wait-staff running around non-stop attending to each table which is exactly what’s needed for a night this busy. As we waited the wait-staff kept an eye out on our water levels and often came round to top up all of our glasses which was a pleasant touch too. Food started to come out without much of a long wait, and although a couple of us waited a tad longer I think overall the time was quite acceptable for a Friday night.

I like duck and I like red curry, so when the waitress recommended this to me I just couldn’t wait to dig in. When you order duck you normally get very few chunks of meat, and sometimes even the bony bits … but this time I was happy to be wrong. So many flavours and textures come into my mind when I think back … chili, basil, coconut, sweet, salty, creamy, smooth and al’dente. The balance of flavours was on the money, with not one flavour overpowering another and the duck meat was tender and still flavoursome. This was a truly unique red curry with the addition of lychee and pineapple to add more sweetness to balance out the savoury side of the dish. I like seeing some vegetables to offset the meat to create an all-round dinner, and in this case the inclusion of eggplant and red capsicum was a definite success, not to mention the large serving size too! In previous weeks every time I have had a great meal I have most likely said something along the lines of “this is probably the best dish I’ve had!” … but tonight I can positively confirm this IS the best red curry I have ever had!

So what do I think then? Although one person mentioned about the food waiting time, it was a super busy Friday night and they managed to run the ship smoothly overall … much better than some other restaurants I have been to with much fewer patrons. The red curry was the best I’ve ever had and I would have never expected to find lychee and pineapple in a duck centred dish. I liked the fact they looked after our water levels and found the time to serve us rice onto our plates during the night. From experience, their pricing is on par with most Gouger St establishments and you do have to remember you’re paying inner city dining prices. Do yourself a flavour and try it for yourself. Two thumbs up from me, and if I had a third hand I might even think about another…


  • Service [8.8/10] : Great attention to detail, a little slow on Fridays but justified!
  • Quality [9.6/10] : Really enjoyable, made me really happy to eat this!
  • Venue [8.4/10] : Pleasant, neat and modern with touches of Thai up and about.
  • Value [9.0/10] : Service was good and food was excellent and plenty, very much worth it.



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