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Tongue Thai’d

December 1, 2009

54 Henley Beach Rd
Mile End SA 5031
(08) 8234 6884

Open Tues-Sat for Dinner,  Thur-Fri for Lunch

What a great name for a Thai restaurant, very punny indeed! Another week of tantalising delights this time at one of my favourite places. I know for a fact that they do a great Pad Thai dish which is plenty for any food warrior, and the chef even has some specialties which have become local favourites. They’ve recently renovated too and this place can now hold my crew comfortably so let’s move onto some food which will hopefully have my Tongue Thai’d!

Final Score: 9.05/10


Tongue Thai’d Eggplant

Just outside of the city is this little gem of a restaurant, so if you can’t be bothered trying to find a carpark and fighting your way through hoardes of hungry marauders on a Friday night then this could be your safe haven. I’ve been here before and I’ve been impressed with the food … now that I think about it, last time I was here I had the Tongue Thai’d Eggplant as well!

I never really took notice of the interior the first time I came here, but they’ve added on another room since then and they’ve also made a little courtyard dining area out the back which is pretty nifty. The walls are painted in vibrant reds and shades of orange to complement the Asian and Thai theme which flowed throughout the place. Nothing was too gaudy or overpowering, just pleasantly colourful with style. There were lots of tasteful pictures and ornaments in the windows which was a good touch. What caught my eye was a neat hand painted excerpt from the Dalai Lama on one of the walls near us followed by a greeting message from the owners, which added that homely personal flair to the dining room.

If you’ve read my previous reviews, I am sometimes a bit harsh when it comes to reviewing service. Here at Tongue Thai’d it was interesting but nice … laid back and casual but still got the job done … bustling and snappy but with adequate attention. It’s something you would be happy with whilst you’re already distracted by a dozen of your friends. If you’re dining alone, I believe that they make sure your service is extra zippy. The speed of service was acceptable although not the fastest or most enthusiastic as we’ve had before. Still, no complaints overall and we got all of our meals at roughly the same time to prevent any food envy awkwardness.

It was lucky that I got to re-experience the plate of joy that is the Chef Pichai special … Tongue Thai’d Eggplant! The waitress didn’t have any reservations in mentioning that this dish was the local favourite. The description on the menu mentions that my “gums may orgasm”, and although I’m pretty sure this didn’t occur I reckon I was a close second. The eggplant was fried to crisp the outside flesh whilst leaving the inside soft and tender then covered with a tangy chicken mince savoury sauce that is highly addictive … in fact I could just have the sauce with plain rice and still be happy! In short, these come to mind : sweet, savoury, crispy, crunchy, soft and melty with a touch of chili to top it off. The combination of taste and texture is something I think most people would fall in love with and come running back for more. Chef Pichai likes to use as little oil as possible too so you can enjoy the dish to it’s fullest extent … and I do mean fullest, as the serving size I got was enough for dinner and a doggie-bag lunch the next day! Incidentally two others on the table ordered the Tongue Thai’d Eggplant as well and agreed that this dish was a true stunner.

Just because I had a great experience the first time I came here isn’t going to influence my scores this time round, and I can safely say that I don’t need any further coaxing. The extra extension means that you can get a seat more easily than before and the place has been decorated to give you a warm welcoming feeling. The Tongue Thai’d Eggplant is something you have to try even if you don’t like eggplant that much, and service here is just as good as I remember. The fact that you get enough food for two meals is just amazing, and with rice at only two dollars per person this place is great for those wanting a special treat on the cheap! I’ve just confirmed that Tongue Thai’d is a gastronomic victory and I suggest that you do the same.


  • Service [8.3/10] : Speedy and comfortable level of service, ticks most of the boxes.
  • Quality [9.7/10] : I just love it. I could eat it non-stop everyday for a week!
  • Venue [8.9/10] : Warm, welcoming, homelike feeling, tastefully coloured and decorated.
  • Value [9.3/10] : Double sized serving plus rice for $21.50 just tickles me pink!



4 Comments leave one →
  1. December 13, 2009 12:11 pm

    I think you rate this place highly because you took Emma on a date there. 🙂
    It is a good restaurant though and it would have been good to review because the pressure to make a pun would be gone for a week. God now I feel pressure to make a pun at the end of this comment.

  2. Mat and Pichai permalink
    April 2, 2010 5:20 am

    Thankyou for your wonderful review and kind words, it inspires restaurant owners to keep the level of service and food our diners expect.

  3. Ray permalink
    August 16, 2011 10:23 am

    how can you rate this place at a 9.05 the meals are slow and the food is nothing like Thai, if you eat outdoors you get the toilet smell! my rating would be 3 and i have eaten Thai all over the world.

    • Chow permalink*
      August 17, 2011 12:13 am

      Thanks for the comment Ray. I welcome all opinions … the more the better, it allows people to make better judgements! I’ve been only a handful of times to this place and each time has been pretty good for me (indoor and out), so maybe I’ve been lucky but remember every place does have their off moments now and then. I’m only rating each place as I perceive on that particular night (which happened to be excellent for us) so keep in mind places do change as time goes by (for better or worse). I’ve met the head chef before, and his food is definitely based from his home Thailand.

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