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Chopstix on Rundle

December 16, 2009

287 Rundle St
Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8223 7575

Open everyday for lunch and dinner

Chopstix on Rundle offers both Thai and Chinese food so people coming here can have a nice selection of Asian cuisine. Not sure if that means this place has restricted it’s selection of Thai food to accomodate more Chinese food on the menu, but hopefully all the favourites are still on board! Being a Friday night this place was packed to the brim, so with any luck our food will be prepared just as carefully as any other day!

Final Score: 6.125/10


Lemongrass Duck

Our first review on the ever popular Rundle St! Friday night in Adelaide means it’s late night shopping night in town, so expect a lot of hungry shoppers looking for a bit of a food refuelling. There’s a few other rival Thai restaurants on this stretch of road so it will be interesting in the upcoming weeks to see whose cuisine reigns supreme!

The shop front is just like any typical cafe you’d see on Rundle St, with a few tables spilling out onto the sidewalk and on the inside you’ll find a long and narrow box shaped dining area. They also have an upstairs area which I would assume was packed as well, and I noticed people were getting turned away due to being so busy! Frantic Christmas shopping probably doesn’t help your chances of finding a table, and I was actually lucky tonight to be able to book six seats! There isn’t much in the way of decoration apart from thefar wall which was cluttered with plants and Chinese lucky cats … but I guess they need to use all the floor space they have for dining tables! Apart from being a bit cramped, there’s nothing much interesting to report back on the interior design. In one sentence, it was very effeciently setup to fit in the most amount of people with a quick-eatery cafe vibe.

Service tonight was a bit blazae and a few of us agreed that the level of enthusiasm and friendliness could definitely be improved … it really sets the mood for your dining experience for the rest of the night. Our meals came out just in the nick of time, right before we were beginning to have doubts about the speed of service … which I guess is acceptable due to the number of meals the kitchen would be pumping out tonight. As we left the restauarant the first thing we mentioned to each other was the lack of happiness the wait staff seemed to display, but on the other hand they got the job done.

I’ve had duck a few times before on the review tour and I have been enjoying mixing it up between seafood, beef and chicken dishes. The waitress reccomened a couple of dishes but landed on the Lemongrass Duck, and I was happy to find that you could choose your type of meat for most of the dishes on the menu. From the amount of steam and crackling sounds from our neighbouring tables it was obvious that the most popular dishes were all the ‘sizzling’ ones served on hot-plates, so maybe that will be the dish to try next time! The duck meat was enough and there were lots of vegetables of all sorts which is good to see. A pretty big dish and if you weren’t a big eater you probably could have shared this plate with another person, so quantity wise not bad value for money. It was pretty much just a Chinese stir fry with added stalks of lemongrass, but the most interesting part was how salty it was. I could taste some underlying sweet and sour flavours and the lemongrass stood out like a pig in a pottery, but by the end my mouth was left begging for a jug of water to wash away the saltiness.  I wouldn’t say it was too overpowering but it was definitely the first thing that comes to mind when I think back.

For all you readers who have been following my journey so far, you may have noticed that I usually drop in a sizeable handful of colourful verbs and synonyms to really paint the picture of my dining experience whether it be good or bad. I usually try and make my reviews a good entertaining read, but I have to apologise for today’s review being so boring and bland. I guess the detached and weary mood of the waitresses serving us combined with an average tasting meal just didn’t motivate me … and doesn’t motivate me to give very high scores either. This place is good for a quick eat and run on the go, but it’s far from an enjoyable sit-down dinner at all the other places we’ve reviewed.


  • Service [5.9/10] : Got the job done in almost borderline time, enthusiasm would be nice.
  • Quality [6.1/10] : Perhaps unlucky with the salt, but I’d go with something else next time!
  • Venue [6.2/10] : Cramped and cluttered inside, just your average cafe interior design.
  • Value [6.3/10] : Quantity OK, but I’ve had better quality Thai for the same money.



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