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Beyond the Red

January 14, 2010

141 O’Connell St
North Adelaide SA 5006
(08) 8267 2111

Open daily for lunch and dinner

When I looked this place up on Google it said that this place was  Thai restaurant, so I wasn’t expecting the menu to show Vietnamese and Asian cuisine! Fortunately Thai food was on the menu, and today I was really keen to get onto the first review of 2010! A new year of Thai food begins now!

Final Score: 7.075/10



Pad Thai

Every week someone has the Pad Thai, and every week I always look at their meal and wonder how good it really is. It always looks tasty and I am yet to review a Thai noodle dish so I guess I won’t be playing the waiting game anymore. Pad Thai is the dish I would say is the default if you don’t know what to get or if you’re not very adventurous in the culinary world. I’ve had a taste when we reviewed at Cafe Michael2 last year and it was the shiz! Ever since then I have been hoping to be recommended this dish to review!

Beyond the Red is a medium sized cafe, set out with cafe style tables and chairs … kinda like a bigger, more spaced out version of Chopstix on Rundle. The Christmas decorations were still up … um, which I guess was a good addition of colour? I dunno, there isn’t much to describe about the venue itself. Pretty boring but it does the job. I wouldn’t expect Thai ornaments or other trinkets as this place isn’t specifically a Thai restaurant, but some more Asian flair here and there would have been nice! Service from the waitress was great, no hassles in ordering … except that she tried to tell me that laksa was a Thai dish before settling on Pad Thai as the recommended meal! The main let down was the speed of the food prep. We had 14 people tonight so I guess we had to wait longer, but people next to me all commented on the slowness and the restaurant was only a third full! Oh well, hopefully the food is nice …

As I said before, I was looking forwards to diving into a plate of delicious Pad Thai, this time with both prawns and chicken! Claire ordered the same as me, so I could ask her some questions and gauge how good it was going. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed as I had my first few mouthfuls and I found it hard to taste much apart from what seemed like sweet and sour sauce. The prawns were very bland and obviously frozen for a bit too long as the texture was very pastey, and I didn’t get much chicken. I was hoping for more flavour and spices but alas it was not meant to be. As I thought these negative thoughts I asked Claire on her opinion, and she agreed it wasn’t too great either, so I knew I wasn’t being biased. Other people had sizzling plates which looked much more appetising and filling … food envy is a horrible thing to experience!

Maybe this place has other good Thai dishes so I’d suggest trying something else, even something from their Vietnamese line of offerings! When I read back this review, I’ve realised I’ve written a pretty boring story so apologies to my fellow Thai review followers but there’s really not much I can write … hopefully Brad’s review can entertain you all! Come here with friends or family, and I think this place would be more for takeaway but I’d suggest try something apart from the Pad Thai.


  • Service [7.0/10] : Wait service was fine, but food service was a let down.
  • Quality [5.6/10] : Sweet and sour noodles with pastey prawns … hmm.
  • Venue [6.5/10] : Neat and spacious but rather bland, needs something to look at!
  • Value [6.5/10] : I wouldn’t pay $15 for what I had, quantity was OK though..


Black Bean Kangaroo (Brad’s Guest Review)

There were over 164 menu choices available at Beyond The Red, which is a pretty staggering amount! When I told the waitress the meal I wanted she just smiled and asked for the number. Fair enough! They also had eight different cocktails and most beverages had their own, unique glass. Maybe this place is trying too hard?

I narrowed my preference down to the black-bean kangaroo, one of the less traditional Thai dishes but I’d had a lot of meat this week so I needed something different. Roo is easy to mess up, although wok frying it is probably easy enough that it can’t go too wrong.

My meal was quite large and very delicious. It was only $14.95 too. In fact Beyond The Red was quite economical. They also pumped through a delightful range of popular music in midi form throughout the night. This kept us entertained in the hour it took our mains to be produced. This kind of wait was obviously the result of having such a massive menu and cooking for a different meal for all 16 people. The wait was also made pleasant by charmingly decorated cocktails and amusingly phallic cold rolls. The tables were nicely spread out and hosted our friendly chatter well. Beyond The Red is certainly a go to spot if you’re about North Adelaide and want a wide range of delicious stuff.


  • Service [8.0/10] : Friendly and competent, a good combination.
  • Quality [7.5/10] : Given how reasonably the meals were priced, quality was not sacrificed.
  • Venue [6.5/10] : A slightly odd place without much decoration. They had a giant, intimidating air conditioner in the corner too. Aside from that who can complain?
  • Value [9.0/10] : Big meals, cheap rice, winner.



3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 14, 2010 12:19 pm

    My review is pretty dull. This is what happens when I try and be proactive and write it on my own accord. I work much more creatively when Chow is standing behind me in his ladies size 9 heels threatening me to finish.

  2. January 14, 2010 12:20 pm

    Also can I get a picture? I’m not really down with teal + polygons.

  3. Claire permalink
    January 15, 2010 12:12 am

    It was certainly the sauciest pad thai I’ve had.

    You didn’t mention their diabolical plan of serving the worst-tasting table water in the world! It was like drinking a swimming pool! I am sure this at least doubled their drinks profits.

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