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Chuy’s Thai Restaurant

January 31, 2010

33 O’Connell St
North Adelaide SA 5006
(08) 8267 3188

Open Thur-Fri for lunch, Tues-Sun for dinner

Chow’s Thai meets Chuy’s Thai … sounds like a winning combination! It just so happens this is the 2nd week in a row on O’Connell St, and last week’s fare wasn’t bad but there’s always room for improvement. Whose Thai cuisine shall reign supreme?! How will Chuy’s Thai go in Chow’s Thai review?! Let’s find out!

Final Score: 7.125/10



Masamun Curry

We seem to be hitting North Adelaide a lot lately totally by chance, as I pick the places for review at random. This place is on the city end of O’Connell St so it’s only a short walk for those already working in town! There’s actually quite a few restaurants up in this area so there’s going to be a fair bit of competition I think upcoming!

My first impressions were pretty positive even before I walked in the door. I had to change my booking a few times over as people dropped in and out of tonight’s dinner, and the manager (I’m assuming his name is Chuy!) was really friendly and polite in changing it each time, so not a bad start!

This place isn’t very big, and as I entered it brought back memories of last week’s review at Beyond the Red in terms of the layout and atmosphere. Chuy’s is pretty much a front room Thai cafe, with a couple of long settings and some individual ‘couples’ tables. I have to say that it was good to see that they had some nice Thai decor up (I liked the elephant tapestry in the picture above) and the tables were not too close together allowing some walking space. I noticed they had about 500 fairy lights running along the ceiling skirts which unfortuantely for them was not turned on … definitely could have been worth some bonus marks there! Apart from that, just expect to find a neatly laid out dining area, nothing fancy at all but still nothing to frown upon.

Service here was up and down, hovering somewhere between ‘average’ and ‘OK’. I was the first to arrive and I noticed that there were no menus to look at, and were not brought out until 6 of us were seated. This isn’t a big gripe, but I would have thought some reading material would be nice like all other restaurants would normally provide. The waitress taking the orders was fine, and everything got through fine, including my recommendation for the Masamun curry and I decided against having any ‘entries’ (entrées). The only real downfall for the night was that poor Dan had to wait a very very long time for his meal to arrive, long after all of us had started chewing … really not acceptable especially when you have to ask what’s going on!

It’s interesting on how many different variations places spell Masamun, sometimes with double S’ or double M’s or switching the U and A’s around … but that’s not really important. The waitress said this was the most popular dish that they sell, and even after asking a few times whether it was the BEST dish, she kept insisting that it was their most popular … so I am guessing popular means best? Well, I can’t argue with that, as it tasted superb. It tasted just like the first time I reviewed a Masamun curry at Thailand Thai. There were mixed flavours of sweetness with hotness from the chili, and the beef was very tender … I even got a baby potato and this came with carrots as well. Not as salty as the Thailand Thai review, and even though pretty yummy I  only counted 8 pieces of beef which unfortunately really wasn’t filling at all. As you can see from the photo, it was really just like a Masamun soup with a side serve of beef thrown in … but that’s what you get for under $14!

I can’t really fault too much about this place apart from the late food arrival for Dan and my small serving. The service was just OK and the food was delicious in taste. Prices were fairly budget and even the rice wasn’t too expensive, and even though it’s not a very fancy place there were some niceties here and there. Overall I think if you’re not a big eater, then this place won’t bother you at all. Maybe it was just the Masamun curry that was a small serve, as Brad’s Pad Thai was pretty decently portioned. I’m a bit up and down about this place … I want to like it but I have to judge on my actual experience. Would I recommend? Definitely for takeaway, and probably for dine-in.


  • Service [6.8/10] : Service was fine apart from the long wait for the final dish to arrive.
  • Quality [8.1/10] : Pretty nice, almost as good as others I’ve had before!
  • Venue [7.0/10] : Neat cafe style dining area with some Thai bits and bobs, not bad!
  • Value [6.6/10] : Cheaper than last week! but serving size was a disappointment …



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