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Samui Thai

February 7, 2010

548 Greenhill Rd
Hazelwood Park SA 5066
(08) 8364 5400

Open everyday for dinner

On the way to Lobethal is this small little Thai restaurant, tucked away in a row of takeaway shops near the Feather’s Hotel. There wasn’t much information about this place in the internet for me to read about, but I knew it was probably the only Thai place around the area before hitting North Adelaide. Let’s hope this local joint fares well!

Final Score: 8.725/10



Chicken Kway Teow Stir Fry

Firstly, apologies for the following … I couldn’t remember what the actual name of this dish was, but I knew it was a stir fry of chicken with flat rice noodles called Kway Teow. I might update this page if we ever go back, but I’m sure if you read the description on their menus this was the only dish with this type of noodle in it!

Finding this place is a little interesting. It’s next door to a fish and chip shop, Indian takeaway and Italian pizza shop. Seems like this is the local takeaway strip, and looks like these eateries have been around for quite a while so I can only wonder how good the food will be! In my search for a shortlist of Thai places around Adelaide I don’t think I came across any other rival Thai restaurant nearby so I’m sure they’ve done something right to keep their place here. Parking is limited out the front however, so expect a short walk from around the corner in the adjacent side streets. The decor inside is one of the nicest I have seen in a while, possibly even the best! They had a very swish, but not over-the-top water flowing wall feature which blended in nicely with traditional Thai decorations such as Buddhas, bamboo ladders and even some colourful Asian style umbrellas. We were all pretty impressed. Nothing was daggy and even though the place was small, they didn’t cram tables and chairs in everywhere like a few of the city venues we’ve been to … thumbs up!

Service here was good overall although there was a slight misunderstanding with ordering. Avid Thai review attendee Jason decided to go with my selection method and ask the waitress what their best dish was. I think she was very confused, as she kept trying to ask Jason a bunch of questions which seemed to stray from the fact that he wanted the restaurant’s best dish regardless of what is was. He ended up getting a seafood stirfry which just happened to be the most expensive, but I think this was just coincidence. I was next up, and I asked exactly the same question, and surprisingly I got recommended the Kway Teow noodle dish! Nevermind, I will just review whatever I got told was the best! The other wait staff for the rest of the night were very good, clearing our tables promptly after entrees and mains whilst maintaining a friendly glow, so overall pretty good!

So onto the most important bit of the review, the food! I have to say that everyone enjoyed their meals, and serving sizes were very generous. Jason and I ordered three dishes between us to try out a bit of everything and we were not let down at all. My noodle dish, which looked rather plain was in fact a very awesomely tasty dish! There was plenty of chicken stir-fried into the noodles, and had the perfect amount of noodle to vege ratio. Most imporatantly, there was plenty of flavour bursting from the seams whilst not being overly salty or sweet which I have found to be the major issue with most of the Thai reviews previously. Just a touch of chili further added to the experience, and I have to say this is about on par with the Pad-Thai from Cafe Michael2 in town.

My friend was telling me not long ago that she always likes to go eat at country-town Chinese restaurants because they are usually authentic and very delicious with a touch of home cooking … probably because it’s run by the town’s local Chinese family! This place reminded me of exactly that, and although set in the outer suburbs just 20 minutes from the CBD it was very close to the picturesque hills view. It was a pleasure to walk in through the door to be greeted by a nice decor, the service was of a good standard and the food was very tasty. Prices here are also pretty comparable and serving sizes are great … bring your entertainment book coupon too! I honestly can’t think of too much to fault … even the beers are $5 or less! I can see why this place still maintains itself as the local favourite, and if I lived near here I would be quite pleased too.


  • Service [7.9/10] : Pretty good all round, not too long for food to appear.
  • Quality [9.1/10] : Very nice, just a basic stir fry noodle but so tasty!
  • Venue [9.0/10] : Small cafe but swished into a very nice restaurant with interesting decor.
  • Value [8.9/10] : Pretty good prices depending on what you order, good considering sizes.



Hazelwood Park SA 5066

de Groots Best Restaurants of Australia
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