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Lemongrass Thai Bistro

April 26, 2010

289 Rundle St
Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8223 6627

Open weekdays for Lunch, Dinner everyday 5pm-11pm

Another exciting episode of Captain Planet! … no, actually it’s the much more tastier episode of Thai review this week at Lemongrass Thai Bistro! I think this may be the last Rundle St establishment I’ve got on my list so for all you city folk I should have a complete Rundle St Thai review! Right amongst some of the best little city restaurants and cafe’s, this place surely has to be up in the competition in order to survive! Lets see how much this place packs a punch!

Final Score: 8.825/10



Red Duck Curry

Hmm, red duck curry seems to been the popular Thai recommendations list of late, and I don’t blame those who have served one to me because it is really a crowd-pleaser. Lemongrass Thai Bistro has been around for a while on Rundle, and although I’ve never been here before I’ve been told it has stood the tests of time and held it’s end of the Thai competition well.

As the name suggest, don’t come in here expecting a fancy restaurant but being smack bang in the bustling city shopping district means that you should be able to expect some niceties. This place is a lot larger than the other Thai cafe’s we’ve already reviewed which is a great relief, and we were seated in a non cramped area with plenty of table room. This place kinda reminds me of an art studio, with one entire wall painted with blackboard paint to be used as the menu board (very smart idea), and there were splashes of red and Asian artifacts here and there. The bar looked a bit spiffy as well and there was even an upstairs dining area to cater for a whole bunch more guests. Modern, sharp, spacious and well designed is how I would describe this place … not bad but could be more “Thai”.

For a Friday night, I was expecting a few more people but I could see that this place had plenty of waiting staff to go around. There are at least 4 waitresses hovering around and we placed our orders in quick fashion, faster than some fast-food joints I’ve encountered! The only small hiccup was that they forgot Claire’s diet Coke, but apart from that the service here is pretty good with a friendly bunch of workers. Now, usually we are stuck waiting for about 30 minutes to an hour for our food in a large group like always, but tonight was the fastest lap-time ever recorded. We only waited about 15 minuted before everyone’s spring rolls came out and two minutes later everyone’s mains started appearing. A few of the other guys were shocked to see their food come out so quick!

Food, food, glorious food … red duck curry is certainly one high in the ranks, and the guys here at Lemongrass sure know how to do it right. Sometimes you find that Thai food is either too salty, sweet or sour, and it destroys the natural flavours of the dish itself. Not the case here, as there was a perfect balance between all of these key tastes, and combined with a dash of hot chili and creamy coconut the duck that this meat came from surely wouldn’t have minded being bathed in such a lather of flavour. There was plenty of meat around that was very tender and the cashew nuts added that little bit of an extra crunch and taste. This is definitely one of the better red curries I’ve enjoyed, but I have to say it won’t beat the Star of Siam duck curry with their lychee and pineapple infusions.

The Thai Review is like going to a kids birthday party … most of the food is tasty, but there’s always a couple of plates that look like some kid has put their hands in and mashed everything together, and there’s always one plate that tastes so bad that it’s the last of the food thrown out in the end. I would say Lemongrass’ Red Duck Curry is like the mini pizzas that come out to beat the old favourite pies and sausage rolls … it’s a little bit fancier, there are a variety of flavours and ingredients you can throw in and most people like them. Although it doesn’t take the (birthday) cake this is certainly one to try, and you won’t be disappointed with the service or the venue either!


  • Service [9.5/10] : Very good service, smiles all round and the fastest food time ever!
  • Quality [9.1/10] : Great dish, very flavorsome with tender duck meat.
  • Venue [8.6/10] : Neat, modern, and I really like the blackboard-wall for their menus!
  • Value [8.1/10] : Enjoyable experience, reasonable serving size but a tad more expensive.



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  1. Elliott permalink
    May 15, 2010 9:13 am

    Lemongrass was the shiz!

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