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June 8, 2010

108 Jetty Rd
Glenelg SA 5045

(08) 8376 7999

Open everyday for Dinner,  Mon-Fri for Lunch

Glenelg hosts quite a few Thai restaurants, and upon researching this place it mentioned that this is actually supposed to be a noodle bar! I wasn’t actually going to put this place on the list but I thought, what the hell, I’m sure they sell things other than noodles! Indochine is another venue that has been around for a number of years and I’ve always wanted to drop in, so what better time than now!

Final Score: 7.55/10



Sizzling Barbeque Pork

I know this technically isn’t a Thai restaurant, perhaps more of an all-round Asian food station, but there was a great selection of Thai stuff amongst the mix. It will be good to compare against those restaurants that specialise in Thai food.

As with many of the places we’ve been to, Indochine has a modern cafe flair that suits Jetty Rd and it’s touristy like charm. Red and black was their theme which under spot lights was quite pleasant, and I can’t say there was much in the way of Asian decor which I would have liked to see. Nice but a bit boring is how I’d put it, just your generic modern family friendly cafe … but then again this is not a specialty restaurant, so don’t expect too much!

The service here is pretty good, and although it was a reasonably busy Friday night, we were treated with haste and a smile. There were a handful of waitresses floating about which took our food and drinks orders without any hassles. As per usual I left my food choice up to the people in the know-how and although it took a while to settle on a choice, it was  fun and smiles all round. Entree’s were pretty quick to come out for those having the banquet (which seemed like a good value choice) and attention for more drinks was up to scratch … no complaints at any stage!

So you might be looking at the dish I’m reviewing and going, “Hey, isn’t that a Chinese dish? I have that all the time when I go out to Chinese restaurants!” … and you’d be right. I’m not going to blame them because it’s actually my fault for not specifying that I wanted a Thai oriented dish, but to be honest I have seen sizzling-plate dishes being offered at many Thai restaurants even though it is commonly connected to Chinese. Anyways, this dish was really flavoursome, with the full hit of Chinese BBQ sauce and Hoisin sauce in your face perhaps a little too much … it was like getting a spoonful right out of the jar and eating it! The meat was tender as to be expected from Chinese BBQ pork and there was a good selection of vegetables. Overall this is nothing much more than a glorified stir fry … and I was very disappointed that it wasn’t actually sizzling as it was presented to me. Whenever someone orders a sizzling dish it’s supposed to steam and bubble with veracity to make everyone turn their heads and go, “I want what he’s having!!”. It’s like ordering a bunch of helium balloons but then receiving limp air-filled ones … they’re still balloons, but just not how it’s supposed to be.

I can see this place being popular with the number of dishes you can choose from, as well as the prominent location along Jetty Rd. The people working here are great and offer a hassle-free night out as you sit amongst some neat and modern decor. Food here is tasty, but the prices here are a bit high compared to what you can get from a dedicated Thai/Chinese restaurant elsewhere. Indochine, you’re not my favourite friend but also not my worst … unfortunately the sizzle has been lost from our relationship and I don’t know if I’ll call you later …

  • Service [8.9/10] : Good service, friendly and no hassles!
  • Quality [7.1/10] : As per last week, their ‘best dish’ could’ve been better – more sizzle!
  • Venue [7.2/10] : Modern and warm, but more Asian themed would be nice!
  • Value [7.0/10] : A tad expensive for individual dishes, the banquet is a better choice.


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