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June 22, 2010

205 Glynburn Rd
Firle SA 5070

(08) 8331 7939

Open everyday for Dinner

Something out in the suburbs this week as we venture out to the East of Adelaide to review this little gem. This place has been around for over 20 years and has been a local favourite for every single of those years. It’s got to be great when also run by authentic Thai chefs! We’ll have to let our tastebuds do the talking!

Final Score: 8.675/10



Chili Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Being from the Hills area of Adelaide I always thought this place was a bit far for my liking, but in actual fact it’s just as far as any other place we’ve reviewed! Tonight’s review was a bit of a last-minute job as I wasn’t very organised but good to see who my loyal followers really are! If you’re looking for this place you’ll have to keep a bit of an eye out as this doesn’t stand out too much and it isn’t the largest restaurant either.

The decor in here is just like a few of the other places we’ve reviewed … modern, neat and casual but still professional with a splash of Asian decoration here and there. As seen in the above photo, I actually liked the rice-paper-esque folding doors they had behind the bar to give it a more authentic feel, and the colour scheme was very fitting and was a good change from all the red paint we’ve had in recent reviews. The tables were set very nicely and looked kind of fancy almost like what you’d get from a good hotel restaurant. A lot of the furniture felt very cheap though, so I wouldn’t recommend doing what we all did in school and swing on the back legs. In fact I think some of the things here like the bookshelves are from Ikea! Oh well, nothing wrong with that and overall not bad presentation, but also not the greatest.

Service here is pretty good and the waitress had a good ol’ chuckle (well, maybe more a nervous giggle) as I told her to choose my dish which was no hassles in the end.  We browsed through the wine list and came across their house wines and looked at the prices and (drumroll please) to our unbelievable surprise were only $10 a bottle! Sure it was house wine, but upon tasting it wasn’t that bad! The other bargain here is their non-alcoholic wine (aka fizzy grape juice) which was only $5 for a whole bottle … so if you’re having a glass of juice or softdrink then just grab a whole bottle of this stuff for the same price! Don’t expect silver service here with the waitress opening your napkins for you, but I would happily award them a bronze service tick of approval for getting the ‘taste before you buy’ treatment with our budget wine. I would never have expected to get that service for no-brand house wine (and the price is probably going to go up now that I’ve told you all about the bargains).

So, onto the food. I’ve recently been encountering many places recommending me nice dishes but not overly authentic Thai cuisine. Most of these dishes are just like what you’d get from Chinese restaurants and really not all that exciting. This Chili Chicken is a small exception however. The chicken was nice and tender and there was just enough chili to singe the edges of your tongue. There was plenty of flavour in here too, sweet and savoury all round with major notes of garlic and lemongrass. Lots of colour with the veges which makes the plate look more exciting and the serving size was enough for 1.5 regular eaters (or one of me!). The cashew nuts added that extra crunch and sweetness like a crunchy peanut butter sandwich (kind of?). There was just enough Thai influence on this dish to make this well balanced and something slightly more unique than others, but still lacking that bit of adventure, especially if this is their best recommended dish.

This place is great for those who want a casual place to catch up and who are on a budget, especially with the booze! Nice food here and I am sure they serve other more authentic Thai food for those who like a jungle expedition. Service here is great, much higher than what you would expect once you step foot into this place, and the venue itself is neat and modern. I can’t majorly fault anything on face value here but I wish that the dish they recommended was something I would gladly like to bore my great grandkids with a Thai review story. I wouldn’t mind coming here again to try something else … and I must add we got a $5 voucher to spend on our next visit!

  • Service [9.4/10] : Great service, the wine tasting was that added touch of “We Care!”
  • Quality [8.0/10] : Their best dish needs more Wow! … but otherwise not bad at all.
  • Venue [7.8/10] : Modern and neat, not overly Asian themed but had touches of it.
  • Value [9.5/10] : It’s right up there, cheap food and the cheapest drinks definitely!


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