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Pattaya Thai

August 8, 2010

259 Brighton Rd
Somerton Park SA 5044
(08) 8294 4842

Open Everyday for dinner, Wed-Fri for Lunch & Buffet!

A few people at the gym have recommended this place as somewhere that isn’t too fancy but gives you the satisfaction of great tasting food. Last time we ate was at Orientai on the other side of Brighton Rd so I thought it would be a good idea to compare the two for those people living by the seaside! Onwards to delicious Thai!

Final Score: 4.925/10



Ginger Fish

I found out that my mum knew of one of the owner’s sons who sometimes helped out in this restaurant, and this place has been around for quite some time. Pattaya is a city in Thailand famous for shopping and sex and the Internet tells me it’s mainly male tourists who go visit there … kind of interesting name for this restaurant then!

When you arrive at the doorstep you are greeted by a window with very old Christmas decorations and an old door and flyscreen , kind of like a fish and chip shop stuck in time from the 70’s. Once you open the door and walk inside things are totally different howev … no sorry I was dreaming, nothing has changed! A few people commented on the wooden floor-board walls as perhaps being the same as the Pancake Kitchen’s interior in town, but I just couldn’t get over how bad the place looked. You had fake fruit and fake plants stuck onto walls, fake flowers glued inside old copper vases and I think by far the tackiest of all was the fake trout fish stuck on a wooden plaque, much like those singing trout wall ornaments you buy for your ocker beer shed. It was surprising but also not surprising at the same time … these people obviously were doing this place on the (very) cheap and it was somehow what I would expect from a rundown asian restaurant.

Service here was run by a single person, probably the owner. There was a queue up for takeaway pickups plus about 20 other people sitting down for dinner. As you might gather, there’s not much I can comment about the service except for the fact that it gave me plenty of time to think about how hungry I was. We didn’t eat for quite some time, and it was really hard to get more drinks. Luckily for them, they had a little obscure drinks specials whiteboard which outlined the definite highlight for the night … $2 bottles of beer and $6 bottles of wine! Now previously I did give some great points for value at Sawasdee for their $10 bottles of no-name bottles of sparkling white, but Pattaya offered drinks like they were off the back of a rickshaw! Not only were the beers decent for the price, the wines were big name brands like Wolf Blass, Annie’s Lane and Saltram! This was our lucky night, and the boss told us that they were trying to “clear out” that stock, and to our surprise they weren’t out of date or anything. Perhaps we could just come here for the drinks!

Usually when you come to a restaurant which is obviously a family run business, you kind of expect some real homestyle cooking. Kind of like when you go to the only Chinese restaurant in the middle of nowhere, once you see that it’s run by a real Chinese family and it’s full of people trying to get food, your stomach can stop trying to back itself up. From the number of takeaway orders it seemed this place was a local favourite. So how was the ginger fish? As it was highly reccomended by the boss, I was expecting great things. The fish was stir fried with some mixed veges and ginger to a great texture, almost melt in your mouth type of feel. There was a decent amount of ginger to make this just as the name suggests, but I have to say there was nothing else special, definitely nothing flavoursome that stands out. The sauce was a corn starched gravy which was just your regular soy-oyster stire fry sauce which wasn’t bad, but not the punch I was expecting. The price was good for the amount on the plate though.

I kind of wish that this place had updated their interior and removed all the plastic two dollar shop ornaments to make this place more enjoyable to eat. But then again, if you liked the food then you wouldn’t care would you? Well, I kind of wish that my dish was a bit more daring and inspiring to make this review more enjoyable (but overall I didn’t mind it). I guess the beers and wines help them get some points back, but in then end from sitting down and looking at how dirty and messy their dining room was, I wouldn’t like to see the state of their kitchen! Some people have told me to get the Larp Chicken or Tom Yum next time, so maybe I’ll do that … just takeaway next round I think!

  • Service [3.3/10] : Good service to start with, otherwise quite poor. Bonus points for Lisa’s birthday song!
  • Quality [6.5/10] : Great texture and OK flavour but should have been better as a ‘best dish’.
  • Venue [2.1/10] : Two words – renovators delight?
  • Value [7.8/10] : Nearly all dishes were under $12 and very cheap drinks win here, but that ‘s about it.


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