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Viet Thai

September 4, 2010

427 Henley Beach Rd
Brooklyn Park SA 5032
(08) 8352 1802

Open Tues-Sun for Dinner

A few weeks off and the little voice in my head says “Hey, what happened to Thai Reviews?” … obviously I couldn’t ignore that and here’s the next instalment of this culinary journey! Review number 27 to be precise, and we’re well on our way to finding out who reigns supreme!

Final Score: 6.975/10



Moo Pad Prik

Inventive names can by quite influential on a diner’s mood well before they step in and sit down. Straight up, Viet Thai isn’t very inventive at all … any 6-year-old can guess which two cuisines are being offered here! But I don’t really pay much attention to that side of things. I’d had a look at their takeaway prices and things looked to be very promising, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a great tasting cheap meal!

Viet Thai isn’t in the nicest or safest suburbs, but isn’t too far from the city so it’s a good option if you’re looking for some variety in your dining life. From the outside it appears to be a regular Asian takeaway joint with a few tables in the front window, but there is actually a massive entertaining area out the back … almost like this place was a house converted into a restaurant. Don’t expect too much from the old outdated decor but there were a few touches of Thai in the front foyer and the place was clean and neat, much better than some places we’ve been to.

Service here is not all that hot flash unfortunately. The good thing about tonight was the food cam out really quick, and the entree’s came out the same time as the mains. The bad thing is the attention paid to our table. Apart from one lonely customer we were the only ones in the room, and there was a party going on in the back room. I don’t know if there were other people working here, but we had to make a special trip to the front counter to order extra rice and drinks. No offers for extra drinks or top ups for water make this experience a bit bland.

Hopefully the food can make up for the points lost already right? Well, since this place specialised in both Vietnamese and Thai food, I wasn’t expecting anything too prestigious but the menu selections was very generous! Heaps of dishes to choose from, and as usual I went for the best Thai dish. The Moo Pad Prik is a pork fillet dish with wok tossed vegetables and chili flakes … and definitely a tastebud tingler. Not only were the fillets super tender, but the actual flavour was excellent … fish sauce, soy sauce, sweetness from some sugar and a hint of spice from the chili, all in even proportions! Although not the most complex dish, this was one I actually enjoyed and wanted  more! From what I saw, the entree’s were pretty nifty too, especially the stuffed chicken drumsticks.

So, it’s all a bit up and down, just like the weather right now … is it Winter, is it Spring? Well, technically it’s Spring but it’s so cold that you couldn’t tell. Service here is cold like Winter, but the food here is fresh like Spring. The prices here are low like a limbo, and the place isn’t too bad but some updates to the decor would make this place much nicer. So what’s the verdict? Come here only for the food (especially the cheap takeaway) and you’ll probably love this place.

  • Service [4.4/10] : Similar to the last review, but not so much waiting for food!
  • Quality [9.0/10] : Yum, happy to eat this and meat was very tender, good job!
  • Venue [6.0/10] : Not bad but not great either, but has some cool ornaments inside.
  • Value [8.5/10] : Not bad prices, slightly cheaper than most places, takeaway even cheaper!


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