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Unley Siam Thai Bistro

September 11, 2010

72 Unley Rd
Unley SA 5061
(08) 8373 3864

Open everyday for Dinner, Wed-Thurs for Lunch

Hmm, I can’t believe I missed out on this place when we cruised along Unley Rd about 4 months ago and reviewed what the area had to offer. There were some mixed beliefs on which dishes were good and bad based on some online reviews, but I’ve been told they do some great curries here. There’s only one way to find out … time to eat!

Final Score: 8.4/10



Crispy Garlic Beef

Yum, another round of Thai to fill my belly. I eat a lot of rice when I come do these reviews and I think it’s been adding some weight on me! Oh well, it’s worth it most of the time I think! Unley Siam Thai Bistro has been around for quite a number of years, and shouldn’t be a let down tonight!

Situated at the city end of Unley Rd, this place is really easy to spot, and after I parked my car there were plenty of people leaving with their white plastic bags of takeaway, so good sign that the food isn’t too bad here. Once you walk inside you notice that it’s like you’ve walked into a big community hall turned into a fancy restaurant. The ceilings were very high, and there was just one big open space which seemed very impressive. There were hand drawn artworks of key Thai cooking ingredients hung up on the wall behind me which I wouldn’t mind having in my own house, and the place was very tidy and modern whilst keeping that touch of spice but a lot of the place was very plain to look at. I was also impressed by the lighting techniques they used up in the ceilings which created a mellow glow that was just right to set the mood … not a bad start to this review!

We were lucky and tonight the place was only half full with us included, and there were at least five waiters ready to pounce at any request. Ordering was very quick for everyone too with no hassles at all. The waitress was quick to decide that their best dish was the Crispy Garlic Beef, and in close second was the Duck Red Curry. I’ve had troubles in the past with waitresses either not understanding my request, or not knowing their products, so I was happy to be served in quick fashion. Also impressive was that water jugs were brought out to the table with cups already filled! Quick, short and sharp would be a quick summary to tonight’s show!

So, good venue and service … onto the tasty part! I’ve had Crispy Beef before not long ago at Royal Thai but that time it had extra chili in its name. Although tonight’s meal didn’t specify the chili part, it in fact did come with some! (Lucky because it will make this review a whole lot easier being able to compare it to last time!) I’ve complained before that this is pretty much just a Chinese takeaway dish and unfortunately it still has that same element here. On the plus side though, it tasted superb! Much better than Royal Thai, the meat tonight was tender, thin and coated in a super crispy batter. Plenty of chili and garlic flavour that would ward off any Edward Cullen character made this great tasting too. So it beats Royal Thai because the meat was done right, but still isn’t anything adventurous and interesting like I would expect a restaurant’s best dish to be!

Tonight was very enjoyable, I think partly because of the massive open space room and good lighting, but also because the prices were very competitive. Most curries on the list were under $14 and rice was only two bucks for all you can eat! Food isn’t bad here, and people who had the Yellow Curry weren’t disappointed … even the Pud Thai was good. Based on my own experience though, this place is definitely better than your average bear. This place will be hitting the ball for four in most categories but just shy of a big six out of the grounds. Would I come here again? Of course I would, and I suggest you all try it out for yourself too!

  • Service [9.0/10] : Quick service, polite and food was cooked very quickly!
  • Quality [7.9/10] : Better than Royal Thai, but still a bit plain and boring for their best dish.
  • Venue [7.9/10] : Clean, neat and modern with good lighting and artworks.
  • Value [8.8/10] : Cheap prices for good portions and rice was a good deal at $2 too!


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