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Rundle Spices

September 20, 2010

278 Rundle St
Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8232 9288

Open everyday for Lunch and Dinner

We’ve reviewed the Glenelg shoot off of the same restaurant down on Jetty Rd, and found that it was pretty good! I don’t know how long Rundle Spices has been here for but I honestly missed seeing it, thinking I had reviewed every Thai place already on the street! We already had a good review down at Glenelg, I would assume that things would be pretty similar here … so, onto some glorious food!

Final Score: 8.375/10



Crispy Barramundi Curry

Hmm, we’re past halfway and there’s plenty more Thai in town to test! Thanks to everyone who has made it with me this far to make this journey enjoyable! It has been a while since we’d visited Glenelg’s sister Spice restaurant and I’ve totally forgotten about how I reviewed the place, but i remember the food was really good. Someone had recommended Rundle Spices for the Pad Thai and also the Green and Red curries, so things were looking up. I do remember that at Glenelg I had a good but unexciting pork dish which brought down the scores a bit, so I’m hoping I get something a bit more adventurous tonight!

This place is a two-story restaurant, and we were upstairs which can mean pretty slow and inattentive service (hopefully not!). The decor inside wasn’t bad, just your average cafe style restaurant that was a little run down (the tables were de-laminating and the stairs were very worn out) that was quite passable. Nothing really caught my eye up here though, so I can’t give too many ticks for the atmosphere but it hasn’t been the worst we’ve been to either.

Service here is better than what I was expecting, being plonked upstairs with a couple of other single tables. Last time we were placed upstairs was at Phuket Thai and that was just a nightmare. This time I noticed there were at least 5 waiters on shift tonight and there was good attention to the people up here with us. Our orders were taken quickly, and after some time trying to get their best dish, I ended up just getting the chef to surprise me with whatever he thought was best. I was expecting the waitress to be a bit more knowledgable about their offerings, but it got sorted out in the end after many light giggles. Food came out nice and quick, and entrees were eaten just in time for mains to appear, so perfect timing there. Overall not bad, nothing major to complain about … peachy so far!

Food time … and by coincidence, four of us had the same Crispy Barramundi dish! I was very intrigued by how this would come out, and I wasn’t too disappointed. I was expecting all different flavours and textures, and barramundi for under $17 was something which gets value written all over it. The pieces of fish were lightly battered and fried similar to tempura, but more like upclass fish and chips style. The coating was crispy, not heavy and thick at all and the fish was reasonable although some pieces were a bit fishy. The sauce was the kicker, bringing up the big guns from the rear. Big flavour of coconut, lemongrass, chili and fish sauce made this pretty much a Red Thai sauce … very tasty indeed! Tossed in were some snow peas and bamboo too, topping off this intriguing dish. I was very impressed with the idea behind this modern Thai fusion, taking European elements and combining it with Thai. You could eat this on its own easily too, as you get about 8 pieces of fish!

The real question is whether it was good enough to beat Glenelg … and I think it has, only just! Speedy service, food was quick to be presented and I really enjoyed the unique dish. We weren’t hassled for drinks to the point of annoyance either which we’ve noticed in other places. The Crispy barramundi was also on the specialty list which might not be available at Glenelg too, so I’m glad I tried this out. I can see why this place is popular with Uni kids too, because the lunch specials are all under $9 and there’s a decent selection. I’d come here again for sure!

  • Service [9.3/10] : Quick, polite, friendly and not annoying, good work!
  • Quality [8.7/10] : Great fusion dish, apart from some pieces being a bit fishy in taste it’s a winner.
  • Venue [7.0/10] : Neat and tidy although a bit rundown upstairs, not too bad.
  • Value [8.5/10] : Lots of fish and rice wasn’t too expensive, well priced for amount and quality!


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