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Lime and Lemon

October 11, 2010

89 Gouger St
Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8231 8876

Open Sun-Fri for Lunch, everyday for Dinner

Lime and Lemon, nice name for a Thai restaurant! Makes you think of juicy and tangy things that are included in many Thai dishes. Situated in the heart of Gouger St, Friday nights are always packed due to after-work shopping at the Central Markets and people wanting to get cheap eats after a few pints. This place is in the Entertainment Book too so make sure you get a bargain for hopefully some nice food! Onwards!

Final Score: 6.225/10



Beef Panang Curry

I’ve been here before and I think it was a pretty nice place to eat at, but I can’t remember for sure as it was over a year ago … lucky I’m reviewing this place tonight to refresh my memory! This place isn’t the biggest, probably only seating around 50 and I had trouble getting 12 seats booked, so obviously it must be a popular place to eat. Right next door is another Thai restaurant so the competition out here is pretty fierce, but I would say they all have no problems getting customers.

The seating and tables spill out onto the bustling sidewalks do many of the cafe’s here, and yup, don’t expect anything too fancy for the limited amount of space. A  bar and payment counter at the rear is the main feature, plus some nice paintings and big chalk boards with chef specials on the wall, so not too bad in the decor department. Space wise, there’s only just enough room for the waitresses to walk around, and you’ll find yourself trapped in some spots especially when the place is full. Unfortunately for them, the hot topic for pre-meal munching was the roach trap in the corridor on the way to the toilets. Not the nicest thing to find unless your name is Bear Grylls, but I guess they are doing the right thing and killing them before they land on our plates … reminded me of those “A Current Affair” specials about food inspections and levels of cleanliness, mmm crunchy…

Speed of service is good, but we had quite a few minor things go wrong with our orders throughout the night … a few missing drink orders, a very confused waitress who brought out empty plates then later removed them for some reason, and there were many mix-ups with food orders too. Not a great start to the night, but at least the food came out quickly.

So, hopefully the food will blow me away with some tasty unique flavours and make this Beef Panang Curry their real best dish! The waitress said that this was one of the most popular dishes and recommended this dish along with the Phad Thai. Upon delivery, the first thing I noticed was the layer of oil on the top. Now as everyone knows, fat equals flavour but it was a bit off-putting to see your meal swimming under 5mm of red oil, but I knew this was to be expected as you get this from any commercial curry paste. The meat was really tender, and I have to say I was very satisfied with the meal size … plenty of meat! But that’s about all the good I can say about my dish. The sauce was nothing special, just your average-Joe Panang Malaysian curry paste that didn’t really capture my taste-buds’ attention, and every scoop was an oily mess. I expected more than just carrots and meat on my plate too, and thinking back to all the other curries I’ve had so far on this tour, this is definitely the most boring … apart from Chili, I can’t really pick apart any specific flavours.

Everyone else had pretty nice looking dishes and I would recommend the Phad Thai very highly. It was full of different seafood and vegetables and tasted great … I guess it’s the risk I take when I leave my food choice up to others. Not a bad looking place if you ignore the roach traps, and I got a good amount of food for my buck but for a good value score I want to be able to enjoy the large portion too! There are plenty of other Thai places on Gouger street to try in the upcoming weeks, and I’m hoping that I’m a bit more lucky next time!

  • Service [6.1/10] : Quick cooking time but a few lost orders and mix ups don’t fare well.
  • Quality [6.0/10] : Tender meat but this isn’t an exciting recommendation for taste or looks.
  • Venue [6.0/10] : Nice in general, but it’s not nice when customers see roach traps.
  • Value [6.8/10] : $2 rice per person is good, but I wish my mound of meat was tastier.


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  1. Claire permalink
    October 15, 2010 8:42 am

    I would have ranked the service lower. Those waitresses were so confused! Also they would bring out a plate, say what it was, and then stubbornly stare at the wrong end of the table while we waved our arms and shouted “here!” desperately 😦 My food was really yum though.

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