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Tiffany Thai

October 24, 2010

83A Gouger St
Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8231 7790

Open Tue-Fri for Lunch, everyday for Dinner

Another week on Gouger St, this time right next to last review’s venue at Lime and Lemon. It’s always good to know which of the rivals are the best, cos why bother choosing something less than best! As always the restaurants and the busy market scene were at it’s peak, so let’s review this tasty treat!

Final Score: 7.525/10



Green Chicken Curry

Thailand is pretty famous for it’s transvestite culture and every year a lady-boy is crowned the new Miss Tiffany Universe in Pattaya. They might not have named their restaurant after this event, but it kinda makes sense!

The first thing I’ll mention is that this place is twice as nice as last week’s review at Lime and Lemon. It was almost a relief to be in here! The interior is modern and updated with a very attractive bar/counter area towards the back. A chocolate brown colour scheme with plenty of Asian themed decorations including a very large red bamboo ladder on the wall. Along the right side was a wall-length cafe style padded bench and just made the place that bit more classy. The lighting at Lime and Lemon was very “fluorescent” but here at Tiffany it was very mellow, perfect for a dinner! The only downfall was this place is very cramped, it was most probably breaching all the fire safety rules.

So this place is good to look at but how do they run the place? There were lots of ups and downs, but unfortunately it weighs down on the poor side. Good service initially from the waitresses and it was good to see there were plenty of staff floating around. Our orders were taken quickly and with no trouble. It was good not to have to go through the charades of explaining why I want their best dish. After this is where the service started to fall … now this place isn’t huge, maybe 40 people in where at most, but we waited a very long time for our main meals to appear. My friend Jason was very late, almost 2 hours late and we only just got our meals! Rice was another problem which definitely shouldn’t have been in an Asian restaurant … they ran out of cooked rice! This would be incomprehensible to anyone! I know I ate probably 2 cups of rice on my own, but for a restaurant to run out is crazy. I was one of the last 3 people to finish eating because there wasn’t enough rice for us, and we eventually left after 10pm. The waitresses did acknowledge their error though which was good I guess.

On the plus side, their green chicken curry was pretty good. One of the better dishes I’ve had lately which was nice to look at (err, my phone probably doesn’t do it justice) and was full of flavour. I had a taste of Alan’s Red Prawn curry and my dish was definitely better! Again, another relief was to see veges back on the plate … lots of tasty chicken as well, but I was glad to find Thai eggplant, carrots, bamboo, capsicum and onions! Plenty of spice and combos of ginger, basil, hot chili and tastes of sweet and salty made this dish stand out. I must add, that even though I had to wait ages for rice to complete my meal, the bowls that they came served in retained heat very well, and was not cold by the end, keeping the full experience alive!

A bit of a mixed bag, Tiffany Thai delivers on various fronts but falls flat on it’s face on others. Good place to be in, and pretty decent food, but I hope that their service isn’t like this all the time! Being honest as always, would I come here again? I would say so, but on the proviso that their service (and rice supplies) are back up to scratch … pity because this could have been a very high scoring place too!

  • Service [3.8/10] : Points for the initial stage, but very poor by the end.
  • Quality [8.6/10] : One of the better dishes of late, good mix of tasty meat and veg.
  • Venue [8.7/10] : Better than last week, lots of nice touches around the place.
  • Value [9.0/10] : Pretty cheap prices! great $22 dinner deal (entree + main).


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  1. Ray permalink
    November 26, 2010 12:50 am

    There are several restaurants near the seaside which might warrant a review. The best is Beau Thai on Semaphore Road Semaphore. You will have to book and the food is a differnt style to the likes of Cafe Michael and Amarin Thai.

    There is also the Thai Orchid on the beachfront at Henley Beach. The restaurant was not on song last time we were there but I guess every place can have an off night.

  2. Chow permalink*
    November 26, 2010 12:55 am

    Thanks Ray … Thai Orchid and Beau Thai are already on the list so it’s just a matter of time before it comes around!

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