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Regent Thai

December 23, 2010

165 O’Connell St
North Adelaide SA 5006
(08) 8239 0927
Open Wed-Fri for Lunch, everyday for Dinner

It’s been a few weeks since the last review,  it’s the annual Christmas rush to catch up with people before everyone floats away on whatever holidays they’ve got so I’ve been a little busy! No matter, tonight’s review had to happen as it was the last one for the year, and lots of people were keen to make it. I think we’ve got a few more to go on O’Connell St but I’ve heard some good things about Regent! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone who reads this!

Final Score: 8.85/10



Crispy Barramundi

Mmm … Christmas is the time for joy and happiness. For me, Christmas is the time to take a break from the gym and let my body heal properly whilst also eating about 10kgs of turkey, pork, chicken and ham goodness … not to mention all the delicious Port and Wine to come! This year’s review tour has been great, and just like my other reviews I have to thank everyone who came and submitted their two cents and joined me in all the Thai delights we’ve had!

Regent Thai has been around for a few years now and has been given positive praise ever since it opened. Since there are quite a few other Thai restaurants along this busy street it can be tough competition! The place itself is nice and modern, and there was plenty of walking space in between tables which means they don’t cram people in. Some arty bits of Asian pictures were around the place too to spice up the plain brown walls, but unfortunately still had that very commercial feel about it. We had 18 people turn up to this event and the staff warned us with a smile that since there were so many people ordering individual meals, which I thought was a nice thing to do. There were at least 4 waitresses floating around to serve everyone too, so glad to see they were on the ball … it did take a while for the waitress to recommend a dish but apart from that no major worries at all! Our food came out really quick, no problems in handling all 18 of our meals plus extra entrees like they warned us about!

So all good so far, now onto the main event! I’d always wanted to have a whole fish to myself, mainly because it looks so impressive on the plate. One problem with restaurant fish is that it can be quite fishy meaning that it’s not very fresh, but this piece of marine was not fishy in the slightest! The fish wasn’t too large, perfect to share between two people (or one of myself) and tasted superb. Deep fried with a coating of Chili and spices made for a tasty crispy outer shell whilst keeping the meat nice and moist, then covered in mild Thai red curry sauce and topped off with sliced red chili and coriander just made this look as nice as it tasted. Flavours of the spicy chili and creamy red curry sauce isn’t complex but just blends so well with the fish … the waitress even offered to fillet it for me!

So good service, great food, nice and neat venue … all very positive so far. This fish was right up there almost with the Tongue Thai’d Eggplant which is really saying something! A good end to the year I think, I highly recommend trying this dish and if you’re after somewhere to hold a dinner party, this could be your best bet!

  • Service [8.8/10] : Good friendly service, quite quick to get all our meals out!
  • Quality [9.2/10] : Great flavours and fresh fish, simple in theory but works so well!
  • Venue [8.3/10] : Nice and neat and modern, could use a bit of a homely touch.
  • Value [9.1/10] : $25 for a nice two person Barra is pretty cheap!


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