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Silk and Spice

July 10, 2011

Silk and Spice 08Jul11

211 Henley Beach Rd
Torrensville SA 5031
(08) 8352 8888
Open Wed-Fri for Lunch, Tues-Sun for Dinner

Wow, you guys probably thought that it was the end of Thai review! I don’t blame you … it has been a while I know, and I apologise for being on the other side of the world during this time … but fear not! We are back to finish this mammoth of a task off properly, this week with a popular little place on Henley Beach Rd. Thai your taste buds down as we’re about to take off once again!

Final Score: 8.125/10



Delectable Tamarind PoussinDelectable Tamarind Poussin - Silk and Spice 08Jul11

Again, apologies for the lengthy absence, but now that I’m back from holiday and lief is starting to get back to normal I guess it’s time to keep on trucking. Silk and Spice has been around for quite a few years now, even my dad knew about this place in his early days in Adelaide. Given the experience they offer I think we are in for a treat!

This restaurant was once an old early 20’s or 30’s classic shared-wall double brick house that you will see around the Torrensville and Mile End suburbs of Adelaide, and from the outside the typical 1930’s front-porch architecture still exists. Once you push open the front door however, the place has been nicely renovated with polished floorboards but still keeping with the traditional homely theme. There were plenty of Thai artifacts to interest you in the main hallway, a fitting reflection of the nationality of the owner of this restaurant who kindly serves you from behind the bar. Neat tables, chairs and cutlery that matched the interior design were a pleasant surprise too. The only downside I have to add is that as soon as I walked in I noticed the air was very stale … consensus with other reviewers admitted it smelled a little like a public toilet.

I’d have to say the staff here are friendly and very enthusiastic … we had two waitresses pouncing on our table at one stage, and when we weren’t quite yet ready to order I knew that someone was watching and waiting (which is a good thing). What I did like tonight was the hassle free recommendation the waitress made on their best dish, which incidentally was also the most expensive but I am guessing you get what you pay for! Normally I spend a long time trying to convince the waitress that I eat anything and that I just want their best dish offered, but tonight’s order was over in a flash! Unfortunately the food service was really slow, it took about 40 minutes for mains to come out, and I finally got my dish in front of me after 45. So a bit up and down here, let’s hope the food can be better …

Poussin : The surname of a French painter in the 16th Century, but also the technical name for “baby chicken” … yup, that’s right a baby chicken, get in my belly! I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be served little chicks straight from a hatched egg but then again, I have seen that served up as a delicacy in Asia (like a raw embryonic mess I might add). The dish came out and I was relieved to find it was just a small chicken, and a little impressed that I got a whole one. Larger than a quail, this was only just enough for me but if you are sharing this dish don’t expect too much to go round. First impressions reminded me exactly of roast duck with orange glaze, and upon tasting I wasn’t too far off. The flavours were superb, a sweet and savoury glaze on crispy skin, and all the meat was tender and juicy like I was eating thigh meat the entire time … one might say it was delectable! If I closed my eyes it would have been just like a roast duck! The deep-fried shallots on top added that extra savoury crunch that went well with the coriander. I ended up eating this thing with my hands so I could get all the meat off (a complement to the taste, but unfortunately not to the quantity!).

It’s good to be back. Australia sure has a good array of cultures and foods to match. This place is presented just how a restaurant should be with great waitresses but disappointingly slow food. Prices here are a bit on the upper scale, and I am guessing that baby chicken is hard to come by as I paid the highest price. I can see Silk and Spice being a great place for a special celebration and for those who can afford it, a regular dine-in delight. Overall there’s cheaper for the same quality out there, but this place is still impressive in its own right.

  • Service [7.0/10] : Great service when ordering but slow food, sorry guys…
  • Quality [9.1/10] : Super tasty baby chicken, crispy skin very more-ish!
  • Venue [9.0/10] : Almost fancy, neat and well presented, lots of knick knacks!
  • Value [7.4/10] : Average to high prices, there’s better value out there.


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