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Manee Siam

July 19, 2011

150 Goodwood Rd
Goodwood SA 5034
(08) 8373 1700
Open Tues-Sun for Dinner

Another week, another review! This time at a very popular suburban treasure called Manee Siam. I’ve heard many good things about this place and it seems the Internet agrees with the general consensus. It can get a bit busy on Goodwood Rd on a Friday night as city workers rush to get home, but nevertheless this place is fairly easy to get to and parking isn’t an issue! This was also the first week of my low carb diet, so obviously tonight is a cheat day for me … rice here I come!

Final Score: 8.975/10





Massaman Beef Curry

It’s good to be back in the Thai hot seat, I really missed having these delectable dishes on a regular basis. Manee Siam has been operating for over ten years and for a restaurant to be open for that long they have to be getting something right! For those health conscious people out there reading this, Thai food isn’t all that bad for you as long as you don’t stuff yourself to the brim, or eat the fatty sugary stuff too often (well, that should be the rule with any kind of food really!). I say this because I started another 4 week diet and gym challenge with my friend Ben in Germany … after a week of it I was ready to eat my weight in rice!

Like last week, this place was formerly a homely residence with the interior gutted out and converted into a few large rooms of open space dining. The first thing you notice as you approach the counter is that they are selling Thai influenced handbags and trinkets which is definitely a first on our tours so far. Oddly enough it kinda adds a touch of authenticity, bringing customers a small aspect of pop culture Thailand … cheap market shopping! The rooms are nicely laid out with neat tables and cutlery but the paint job on the walls is something which I’ll describe as somewhat “DIY”.  Lots of Thai decorations around and the high ceilings make this place seems very spacious as well. Overall quite pleasant … no real standout wow factors but definitely nice and homely.

The waitresses here are probably the most professional and courteous I have experienced at any of our reviews. Not only did they dress in traditional There were a few ladies always around to get their notepads working hard and our order were taken without fuss, especially when recommending their best dish for me. Although the food was a tad slow coming out of the kitchen,  I have to mention two things that stood out for me regarding the great customer service. Firstly they did mix up one order (sad-face at first) in cooking some vegetables with the wrong kind of sauce, but was good to see that they immediately offered a replacement meal and also free beer! Secondly, something which added that next level of care-factor to service … the waitresses waited for us to finish our entrees then promptly came over to ask us whether we were ready to be served our main meals! That really did impress me – we were literally waited on!

Now onto the best part, the food … and I am excited to say that this was the best Massaman beef curry I have ever had. Period. It completely outguns the previous Massaman beef dishes I reviewed at Chuy’s and Thailand Thai and they were pretty good! As you can see from the picture, the chunks of meat are, well … chunky! The meat was the most tender I’ve ever had, literally melt on your plate kind of texture, not to mention there was plenty to go around. The sauce was what completed the flavour of the dish, bringing to the party a tangy and nutty mixture of sweet and savoury without being overly oily, well combined with a slightly spicy kick to your tongue. Additions of soft potato and peanuts made this dish complete. Just superb.

This family run business knows what they are doing. They know how to serve you and how to treat you to a fantastic Thai curry. It’s nice inside but don’t expect all the frills. Prices here are not too bad … cheaper than some places we’ve been to, and many of the noodle and vegetarian dishes are only around $10 plus Singha and Chang beers only cost you a fiver! Would I come here again? Hell yeah! And I invite all of you to join me!

  • Service [9.5/10] : They treat you well here, food a tad slow but not too bad.
  • Quality [9.5/10] : Yup, best Massaman ever!
  • Venue [7.9/10] : Nice and neat, good effort to spruce up the place.
  • Value [9.0/10] : Low to average prices, beer is cheap here too!


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