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Nu Thai

October 12, 2011

117 Gouger St
Adelaide SA 5000
(08) 8410 2288
Open Thurs-Fri for Lunch, Tues-Sun for Dinner 

Thai is still on the agenda, and this time we’re onto something Nu … err, new. Well actually this place has been around for a few years and has grabbed the attention of some foodie awards in the past so obviously we just had to add Nu Thai to the review list. Just how will this Nu skool Thai restaurant taste against the old skool ones we’ve reviewed? Let’s find out!

Final Score: 8.775/10







Chilli Barramundi

Mmm, I like trying new things … especially restaurants that I haven’t been to before. It’s like doing a jungle trek that you know people have done before, but the experience is nevertheless still new and exciting to you … Will your tour guide be adequate? Is the scenery going to be nice? How many tigers will you encounter? How tasty will they be? … so many things to look forwards to (JK regarding eating tigers of course). For some reason Nu Thai has been mentioned quite a few times around me lately, both in the print media and by mouth around the office here so I guess it was just meant to be!

The place isn’t big. It’s reminiscent of many of the space-limited eateries on Gouger St, but they’ve taken what you would normally style as a cafe into a mini-restaurant, just that one notch above the convention. The interior is very welcoming, modern and stylish with some nice Thai flair thrown about the place. The flowing colour scheme and appropriate mood lighting in the place added that extra little something to the experience too. I was rather impressed with the number of people they fit inside without being too much like sardines.

Service here is top notch, no doubt. Glasses of water were filled before our arrival and there was never a moment where a waitress wasn’t dropping in to replenish them throughout the evening. Napkins were flicked out onto our laps like you’d experience at a first class silver service restaurant, and best of all there was no trouble at all in the waiter recommending a dish to me which really tells me something about the way they work around here. Going well so far, just down to the food!

I do enjoy a good Barra. And recently I have been upping my dosage of chilli in all my meals (great metabolic booster, and not to mention adding that extra dimension of mouth burning fear!) so this week’s review was timed perfectly. On the bed of succulent green Chinese spinach, the fillets were shallow fried and topped with a bright red thick spicy chilli sauce almost resembling the texture of sambal. So, this thing looked good but what about the taste? One thing with fish that I often hate is the overpowering “fishy” smell and taste that you get from a lot of places using unfresh produce. Tonight’s dish was not offensive at all, but the fillets were a little rubbery like they were a little overcooked. The spicy chilli sauce was excellent however, with just that right amount of heat and tang to prick up your ears and the amount of greens underneath created an entire complete meal all in one. Overall not bad … quite a good Thai fusion idea and you get enough on your plate.

I like this place. It’s somewhere you can go to if you’re after a quick lunch bite or perhaps for hanging out with your corporate cronies. It kinda feels like it’s the trendy “place to be” once you walk inside. Service is great here, and I must add that our rice was topped up frequently and you only get charged a flat $3 fee for it all. Food wise, a single thumb up for me based on this dish but we’ve had a few better meals on our tour so far. Prices here are fairly reasonable too so you won’t be breaking the bank, but watch out as some of the dishes are very tiny (Choo Chee Prawns … Claire only got five!). Would I come back? I’d say yes, as there were quite a few other interesting unique dishes on offer that I wish I’d been recommended (Coffee duck?!). As always, there’s no harm in asking about a dish before you order and you can be assured the waiting team know what they are talking about.

  • Service [9.7/10] : Top notch, free flowing and effortless.
  • Quality [7.9/10] : Great chilli sauce but just a little overcooked.
  • Venue [9.3/10] : Neat, modern and comfortable without the cram.
  • Value [8.2/10] : Low to mid $20’s in general, not too bad.


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