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October 25, 2011

230 The Parade
Norwood SA 5067
(08) 8364 5900
Open everyday for Lunch & Dinner 

Back to the bustling street that is the Norwood Parade for another face off! Chabaar is a fairly new establishment created by the same owners of Amarin Thai which was rather well received by us when we last visited. As with most other eateries on this strip, we had to book in early to avoid disappointment so for a while this place has been on our plates … time to let our taste buds do the talking!

Final Score: 8.8/10







Barramundi with Green Mango

I think we’ve come to an end of Thai coverage along the Norwood Parade strip, and there were quite a few! There’s always old ones closing down and new ones popping up so it’s hard to fully complete any single suburb … I wouldn’t be surprised that by the time we finish this tour, all my reviews would be out of date! Chabaar is the Thai word for the hibiscus species of plants (well, according to the internet…) and is consistent in their naming conventions with their first establishment called Amarin Thai, which is the name of a type of evening dress in Thailand!

You can’t miss this restaurant. It’s opposite the Bath Hotel on a street corner with bright red signage out the front, perfect for an after-work pint and pad-thai. On those warmer days with Summer coming up there’s a chance to grab yourself a table outside to soak up the suburban bustle! The inside of this place is very nice and as per last week’s review at Nu Thai, this place has taken what would normally have been a cafe into a modernised restaurant. Various Thai ornaments and paintings cling onto bright lime green walls which complements well with the brown wooden furniture and counter bar. A nice and neat simple floor plan without clutter completes the deal. Overall quite pleasant, and that green paint on the walls is a fun change from the tan-mocha-brown that everyone else is using nowadays!

We initially had a bit of hiccup with the service here. We had one young guy first off whom we asked to take our orders and also to get us another refill of water. For some reason he went off and got us water but never took our order! Lucky for us, another young guy came over and took us into ordering land. He was very knowledgable and well spoken like a new young president of a democratic republic eager to please his supporters. One of the best and quickest orders I’ve experienced, there was absolutely no issue in him recommending to me which was their best dish. Food was pretty quick to come out too considering the place was fairly packed!

So down to the crux of it all … the food. When people ask you whether a restaurant is good, most of the time they mean how good the food is … and it makes sense because even though a place might have crappy service ruder than a red baboon, people will still come back for the amazing food (aka classic Seinfeld soup episode!). As you can see, the barramundi is deep-fried with a battered coating. It really was styled like fish and chips if that’s what you’re thinking! However, being a reasonably hungry eater as always, I was very happy to receive an entire filleted fish (two whole fillets!). The green mango topping was very ‘Thai’ combined with mellow red onions, crunchy cashews and spicy red chilli and drizzled with a Thai style vinaigrette which helped cut through the oiliness. Bold flavours of sweet, spicy, salty and tartness combined with the soft textured inner flesh of the barramundi and completed with a bit of zing from the acidity of the dressing made this dish a very fresh and uplifting delight. The only issue I had was that my mind kept thinking about fatty unhealthy fish and chips (minus the chips) but it was still enjoyable … as with last week, a great fusion dish idea and rather unique as I haven’t seen this anywhere else.

Hibiscus are generally susceptible to drought, but Chabaar’s patronage throws that coin out the window. This is a neat and modern little restaurant perfect for any occasion. Service here is pretty good and even though I only mentioned one dish, there are quite a few other nice looking choices to sink your teeth into. Prices here are reasonable for a Norwood Parade restaurant … especially for the price I paid for my double fillet dish! So would I come here again? I don’t know much about flowers, but Chabaar gets my return vote! (… oh, and they are in the Adelaide Entertainment Book as well).

  • Service [8.6/10] : Bit of a glitch to start, but well saved in the end.
  • Quality [8.2/10] : A bit oily from being deep-fried, but great flavours.
  • Venue [9.2/10] : Clean colours, neat and tidy modern setting.
  • Value [9.2/10] : Twenty something dollars for a double fillet, nice!


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  1. October 26, 2011 11:03 am

    Did you really use chopsticks to eat that?

  2. Chow permalink*
    December 7, 2011 6:16 am

    Hah, everyone knows that I’m the only Asian in the world who can’t use chopsticks for anything 😉

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