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Tanapa Thai

December 7, 2011

79A Jetty Rd
Glenelg SA 5045
(08) 8376 5155
Open everyday for Lunch & Dinner 

Oh, did I miss one Thai restaurant on the busy beachside street that heads Glenelg? I have a feeling that this place has been recently renamed, and from doing a quick Google it used to be called Natee Thai. Not sure why they changed their name, but usually it would raise some eyebrows … nevertheless, we gotta try it out. Let’s hope this place has some good things to offer!

Final Score: 6.95/10




Spicy Fish

Jetty Rd was recently portrayed in the newspaper as being a bit of a hole when it came to trade and tourism, with the so-called experts touting the beachside street that was once a major attraction is now an economic disaster. It’s true in some aspects, as many local businesses that were once there over 50 years ago have closed up. This might have had something to do with a widespread revamp of many of the restaurants on this street, including Tanapa Thai. Let’s hope some of these places can stay afloat!

This place is yet again a typical small cafe style eatery, falling somewhat in between a restaurant and take away joint. There’s enough room in here for about 25 to 30 people, so don’t expect to bring a classroom full of kids but I can see this being a popular lunch drop spot. The decor in here is neat but rather bland … tan coloured floor, tan coloured tables and tan coloured counter bar. There are a few things hung around the place, but unfortunately where other’s have excelled at converting a Cafe into a restaurant, Tanapa Thai just doesn’t quite cut it … let’s hope the food is better!

Service here is pretty good, with friendly staff and quick service (well, we were only one of three tables, so I would have thought speed wouldn’t be an issue!). There wasn’t much trouble in landing a “best dish” and Hannah’s request for”extra saucy” was well received.

Tonight’s review would be number 39 (I think!), and it’s coming up to the end of our review journey. I’ve had lot’s of great dishes which made me smile (and still do upon memory) and some dishes which have slipped out of my mind due to lack of interest and this Spicy Fish dish was a bit in both categories. Tonnes of chilli and spice to almost make me cry but still had lashings of flavour with the saltiness from the paste and uplifting notes of lemongrass and ginger, and fresh vege’s to top it off … not to mention the quantity presented to me was decent as well. The fish itself, which should be the star of the show, was a little fishy in smell and taste and the edges of each piece were a little hard and chewy. The fish served in my last review at Chaabar is what this should have been like, soft on the inside and crispy all the way around just like any serve of deep-fried food should be. So scores for the flavour but not too many for the quality of the fish.

Just a handful to go, and this epic Thai journey will be over. In taking recommendations from everyone I know, I think I may have exhausted the best ones already! I can see Tanapa Thai being a good place to visit for a quick meal, or even a Summer snack after a few bevvies at the Jetty Bar. The other dishes people had on the tables were reasonable, but the familiar gong going round was that it was all just your usual … nothing that will stick in my mind as being fantastic. Service here is good, and the place is neat. But maybe you’ll have better luck with the Spicy Fish.

  • Service [8.0/10] : Good service, as you’d expect from any other.
  • Quality [6.2/10] : Great heat on this, but it’s the fish quality that counts.
  • Venue [6.7/10] : Neat and tidy, but just so blandly coloured inside!
  • Value [6.9/10] : I think I’d like something nicer and more unique for $23.


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  1. Ray permalink
    December 8, 2011 6:05 am

    We had been going to the Natee Thai a couple of times a year when we popped in to wander around the shops at Glenelg. Not a great restaurant but reliable and value for money. It came as a surprise to find that it had changed hands and its name. We have visited the place twice in its new incarnation. There really isn’t much else in Jetty Road, Glenelg, if you are looking for a quick light meal at a reasonable price.

    The place is tidyer and the service a little better than in its previous ownership: but the quality and quantity oif the food has declined slightly.

    Overall from our experience this is a fair review

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