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Angkor Thai

August 12, 2012

194 Grange Rd
Flinders Park SA 5025
(08) 8234 0326
Open Mon-Sat for Dinner 

Gosh, how long has it been? I wonder if people are still going to remember this review series after being off for so long! Well, fans will be glad to know that I’m dedicated to complete the series with the last 8 reviews from here onward! This week at Angkor Thai which has had some mixed reviews online, so I’m keen to see whether this place can give us the beans or not. They claim to offer plenty of parking in the outback, but can they serve up quality with the same vastness? Let’s find out!

Final Score: 5.525/10







Choo Chee Seafood

We’re back, and it’s going to be a quickfire last handful of reviews. Driving up to Angkor Thai, you’ll notice that the area is pretty much pure industrial concrete jungle. This place isn’t far from the bustling Henley Beach Rd which has dozens of chic cafe’s and multicultural restaurants dotted down toward the city end, it’s quite interesting to see the change in scenery just a suburb away.

The place itself is in a pretty old and drab building circa 1960’s or 70’s. One of the things we noticed is the ceiling fans weren’t actually completely there … I mean the motor and spindle was there, but no fan blades actually fitted. The furniture and overall look of the place was very outdated and even the plates and cutlery looked well-worn, somewhat resembling your typical cheap but cheerful local Chinese restaurant where you go for just the food (usually just takeaway) and the authentic Engrish service (you know what I mean!).

I know this place is old and outdated, however the service is warm and friendly. Floor service shuttled by the woner’s wife and special guest appearance from an auntie or family friend. No hassles with ordering, and no hassles with getting me a “best dish” off the menu. I was asked whether I wanted medium or hot, and I initially said hot (with macho gusto) but she quickly recommended medium as the hot would have been rather hot. As I’ll outline later, this is probably a good thing and I sincerely thank her for the advice! Food service was very slow and staggered (some people finished eating by the time I got my meal!) there were only twelve of us … and we were the only ones in the restaurant! So, hopefully the food will be really really good, living up to the typical “poor everything else but awesome food” principle!

So onto the food … and it was good. Nothing to write home about, but also not the worst we’ve had. The prawns were good and plentiful, the squid nicely scored and cooked well. There was a good selection and balance of vegetables and the sauce was pretty tasty with a real hearty red curry flavour … hints of chilli, lime leaves and lemongrass. As mentioned before, I really thank the advice for getting a medium level spice as this thing was hot! And when I say hot, one other person who had the same dish couldn’t finish theirs! Thumbs up for the excitement the level of spice gave, which for me was probably the peak of hotness before not being able to enjoy it. If you can’t handle any kind of heat, I really would steer clear of the curries.

There’s not much I can convey to you guys that resembles anything inspirational or exciting, apart from how hot my dish was. Good friendly service, but old and out dated surroundings and slow food prep just took that spark off the night. The price of each main meal was very surprising, at about $18 which is close to what you’d pay for places in the heart of the CBD (lots of the places we’ve been to have been $20 or under). In fact, our review at Manee Siam on Goodwood Rd just proves you don’t have to pay much for great food. You wouldn’t even pay that much for places in high-rent shopping districts such as on Rundle St! In fact, I’d much rather pop round the corner to Henley Beach Rd where you can dine in some of our favourite restaurants such as Tongue Thaid … maybe come here for the takeaway (where you can still experience the friendly service) but then go enjoy the comfort of your own abode.

  • Service [5.0/10] : Friendly waitressing, but poor execution with the food delivery.
  • Quality [8.0/10] : Good all round flavours and appropriate “kick up the bum” hotness
  • Venue [3.1/10] : Sorry, can’t give much for this, not for the price of the food.
  • Value [6.0/10] : Slightly cheaper than CBD dining, but not worth the savings.


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  1. August 26, 2012 1:44 pm

    Do the last review on Jan 25 🙂

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