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Erawan Thai Cafe & Restaurant

November 7, 2012

308 Port Road
Hindmarsh SA 5007
(08) 8340 2228
Open for Lunch Mon-Fri and Dinner everyday
(Bring your Entertainment Book card!)
Website here!

Almost time to close the curtains with our second-to-last Thai review … forever! Erawan Thai Cafe & Restaurant is a brand new hunger cruncher situated along the historic Port Rd which entertains many a diverse crowd of numerous socioeconomic well-wishers, from after-work tradies slamming down $3 tinnies to hipster-dressed Vietnamese socialites looking for pre-karaoke supper. Being the end of our run, anticipation runs high as we look forwards to ending on a high … let’s hope our last couple of reviews fits that bill!

Final Score: 7.1/10



Garlic Pork (Stir Fry)

So, this is it … one down, one to go! Thanks in advance to those who have come this far with me both in real-life and along this virtual diary timeline … but let’s save the proper farewells for our next and final review…

Erawan is new and once you step inside you can definitely feel the vibe … modern styling in this once old 70’s structure makes it immediately appealing to those snobs too cool to eat at a food court. Brown & tan interior (much like all the modern cuboid style houses currently in style now) coupled with stylish padded bench seats plus a scattering of rather attractive artwork and displays (such as the expensive whiskey cabinet seen above) makes this venue much more unique in comparison to the last handful of reviews … in fact, compared to some places lately this really puts them to shame. A very ingenious feature wall with floor-to-ceiling bamboo poles adorns one side of the restaurant further adding to the culture. Overall it’s very refreshing to finally dine in a place that has thought about more than the food!

Service here is a bit of a mixed bag. Friendly greetings and friendly wait-staff are always worth marks, however when the actual service is slow and infrequent it makes a very poor impression on the night overall. We had to wait almost an hour for everyone to get any food out and then there was only one waitress on the floor so flagging her down for beverages was also tricky. This would have been easily sorted with another waitress, but his is a hard decision especially when there were hardly any patrons tonight. However, no worries at all in recommending a “best dish” and again, quite polite and enthusiastic … just be prepared to wait a while and improve your thumb-twiddling skills.

Onto the meaty part of this review … the food! Most of the “garlic” dishes I’ve reviewed have been beef and have all been some variation of crispy or deep-fried “Chinese Restaurant” style cooking. I was looking forwards to something non-deep-fried and I wasn’t actually told that this dish was going to be a stir-fry so when this came out it was a little bit of a let down. After last week’s crocodile stir fry at Basil & Lemongrass am kind of wishing I was recommended something more exciting, I felt a sense of deja-vu  as I looked down to my concoction of generic vegetables and meat. Carrot, broccoli, celery, onion and pork in a general savoury slather of mildly garlicky sauce. The pork was nice and tender but really, what more can I say? If I had to choose an smiley emoticon, it would be the one with the open eyes and straight mouth (:-|).

Although not in the heart of Adelaide city, Erawan is definitely an easy option for a quick after-work event. It’s a stone’s throw away from Hindmarsh Stadium too so you can have some Thai’m-out before watching a few grown men kick a ball around to each other. From what I saw around the table tonight it’s good food here at medium-to high prices, although we were lucky enough to have a voucher off their website for 20% off, plus I found out the Entertainment Book offers 25% off as well so this place could well be a cheap-eats venue if you have either discount. Great looking place but let down by slow food service and unfortunately infrequent attention. Definitely disappointed with a very boring dish recommendation, but I can see it being a fail-safe consistent eatery if you are not adventurous. Highlight of the night would be the super kind owners who let us park in their carpark well after the restaurant closed! High potential to be a top tenner with the rest of their menu options, however as always, I gotta tell ’em how it is … hopefully you give this place a chance and can see this place for what it could be.

  • Service [5.5/10] : Friendly but slow and infrequent, marks awarded just of passing grade.
  • Quality [6.9/10] : Generic flavour with tender pork, but it’s still just a stir fry …
  • Venue [9.0/10] : Nice cosy atmosphere inside, lots of ideas coming together well.
  • Value [7.0/10] : Good sized serves for medium-high prices.


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